Monthly Hauls - July

July is already over and I was better this month than the last one. I got "only" 14 new polishes. I was in Graz few weeks ago and I bought 2 P2 nail polishes. These are my first one, so I'm excitred to finally have them in my stash. I also got Depend and Essence new Color&Go polishes and if you read my blog in July, you already saw a post about these. 

P2 Just Need Style!
P2 Artful

Depend 2035
Depend 2032
Depend 2033
Depend 2036
Depend 6011
Depend 6006

Essence Oh My Glitter
Essence Chic Reloaded
Essence I Love Bad Boys
Essence Walk On The Wild Side
Essence Stuck On You
Essence Off To Miami 

What about you? What did you get this month?