Jewelry Haul

First sorry I didn't post anything in last few days and answer on your comments on my previous post, but from Monday we were doing some house painting and cleaning and I was very bussy these day. I was on internet for few minutes each day to read my emails and that was mostly it. 

For today I decided to show you my jewelry haul from yesterday. I was in Müller and they had discount on jewelry and most of them costed 2 or 3 €, so I picked some of my favourite from them.

I adore navy blue color. Because I didn't have any earrings in this color, I decided to take these. They look great with gold. I paye 2 € for them.

These one are from my boyfriend. He said he likes them and he's going to get them for me. These were also 2 €.

I felt in love with those red earrings in the moment, so I had to buy them. They were also 2 €.

These turquise earrings are another amazing piece of jewelry. I already see I'm going to wear them a lot. They were 3 €. 

Then I got two bracelets in navy blue (I already said I love this color). The second also has navy pendants and it's just gorgeous. It would match perfectly this manicure. They were both 3 €.

I also went in H&M, because I had a gift card to spend till Sunday and I got two neon pieces of jewelry. I adore neon color this summer and I was looking at those earrings for more than a month. I couldn't decide, if I should get them or not, but they didn't go out of my mind, so I had to buy them. They were 4,95 €. 

I grabbed this bracelet at the moment I saw it. It's amazing. And those neon peachy flowers are just too beautiful (they look too pink on my photo). What can I say, I'm in love. It was 5,95 €.

Wow, I didn't made such a big jewelry haul for a long long time. But I love every piece that I got and I already see, how I'm going to combine them.

What do you think about my haul? Do you like any piece of jewelry that I got?