You've Got a Nail Mail

Today I have for you some packages, I got last week. One is a giveaway, that I won and 2 are swaps. 

By Nail Crazy I won Glow in the Dark nail polish. The formula is a bit thick, so I had few problems with application and it didn't work good with my top coat. I have to try it without top coat. The glow is bad visible in the dark, so I think this is another "glow in the dark" polish, that glows under light. I tryed to photograph it, but that was mission impossible. Girls, if you have glow in the dark polish, please, let me know, how to take a good photo of it. Thanks.

By us Catrice Million Styles TE wasn't available, so I was very happy, when Chiro said, that she can get me those polishes. I wanted 4 polishes from this LE (including the one with flakies, but it's the same as Essence Dance TC, so we agreed, she's not going to send it), so you can imagine, how surprised and happy I was, when I saw she put 2 extra. She also send me 2 P2 nail polishes from Spieces and Herbs LE. Green is my color! I already tried all Catrice polishes. Thank you, Chiro, very very much. She has blog My Nail of This Week. You should definitely check it out. She also participated in Summer Challenge. She did a lot of amazing manicures, so go on her blog now.

The second swap I made with Ana from Any Rainbow. She wanted some blushes from Catrice and Essence, so we agreed to swap some make up products. I wanted to try Golden Rose blush and lipstick, because I've heard, that they're good, and she also inclued some polishes extra, so I'm very grateful to her for what she has send me.   

I probably won't write a whole review about these products (I'm only going to show you nail polish swatches one day in the future), so I added quick swatches to this post. I tried all 3 products (a blush, a lipstick and a lipliner) and I like them all so far. Blush has good pigmentation, is easy to apply and it looks amazing on cheaks. Lipstick is also great pigmented and it lasts quite long. The only downside is, that after some time I get a drying feeling on my lips. Aura lipliner is amazing. It's creamy (even more that Essence lipliners), easy to apply and nice to blend.

I just love to get a nail mail. You can imagine my happiness last week, when I got 3. What do you think about the things, that I got? Do you have any of them or would you like to try them in the future?