Empty #3

Today I have for you a post with products, that I finished lately. 

1. Aveo Pflegebad Kokos - This is a bath, but I used is as a shower gel. I love it, because it's smells like coconut, which is one of my favourites smells and because it's big. It contains 750 ml of product and it costs only 1,50 €, which is pretty cheap. It drys my skin a bit, but most of shower product does and then I just use lotion or bodybutter to mousturize my skin. 

2. Schauma Frucht&Vitamin Shampoo - This is a shampoo for normal hair. I always had very dry hair tips and greasy hair on the top, but this shampoo works great for me. My hair look great also the second day. It works good also against dandruff. Since I use this shampoo, it's almost gone for me. Before when I was using other shampoos, I just had more and more of it. And it smells amazing, the smell is very fruity. I think it costs less than 3 € (around 2,8 €). I bought it again and I'll buy it again, when I run out of it.

3. Schauma Frucht&Vitamin Balsam -Also very nice product. It gaves my hair shine and softness. It also costs less than 3 €.

4. Lactacyd Femina Ocean Fresh Gel - Every girls needs a good intimate gel, right. I bought this one, because it said in the description, that it works great agains bacteria. For me it worked great in all ways. I think it was around 3,5 € or 3 €, I'm not sure. It's available in Müller and DM.

5. Duchnesse Cosmetic Pads - I used those for removing my nail polish and my eye make up. I used different cotton pads, but these were working the best for me, so I buy them constantly. They contain 120 pieces and cost around 0,80 €. 

Do you use any of these product? What do you think?

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  1. Mmmm kokos ftw! Obožujem gele/losijone z vonjem kokosa.

    1. Jaz tudi obožujem vse, kar diši po kokosu. :)

  2. gel za tusiranje i šampon nisam još isprobala