Three Nail Challenge and a Sneek Peek

Today I'll be quick, my studying books are waiting for me (I know, it's Friday night, but I have very very important exam on Thursday). I just wanted to let you know for "Three" nail challenge, created by 2 Mateja's from Mateji ustvarjata. It starts tommorow. I decided to join, but I'll publish my first manicure in next two weeks after my exams, so I won't do them on date. If you join, go on Mateji ustvarjata blog and read more about the challenge. 

And a sneek peek of my haul this week. I'll do swatches and write a review next weekend after my exam.

And don't forget to enter my 700+ followers giveaway.

Review and Swatches: Essence Colour Arts/Pigments

Today I have for you swatches and review of Essence Colour Arts TE/Pigments. Colour Arts was a preview of pigments, that are already available in our stores. This TE had 15 pigments, but there are 20 pigments in a whole collection. For the beginning I decided to try 5 pigments, an eyeshadow and a nail polish base. 

I got pigments in 02 Smeell The Caramel, 14 Strawberry Smoothie, 07 Safety First, 19 Kiss The Frog and 18 Little Mermaid. 

The first row are swatches over Colour Arts eyshadow base (the swatch of it is also on the right) and the second row are swatches without base. I applied them with my fingers. As you can see, they're amazingly pigmented. In the second row they were easy to blend, because I didn't use eyeshadow base. Over eyeshadow base I had to dab them on my hand (that's usually the way to apply pigments), because blending was impossible. I didn't try them with any other base.

The eyeshadow base is white in the tube, but after appying it on the lid it drys transparent. Pigments are easy to apply with brush over it (just blending is hardly). And they last pretty long. I was wearing make up with them for 12 hours and they didn't crease. They just faded a bit, but make up was still strong and visible enough. But it's true, that my lids are normal, not oily. I don't know, how it's going to work with oily lids. I actually applied once a cream on my lids and then a base over it and pigments start creasing, because everything was very greasy. I hope the girls, that have oily lids, will tell you, how it works for them.

The nail polish base is transparent in a bottle. Essence advise you 2 ways, how to use it:
Effect 1: Distribute some pigments on paper, collect them with the brush of the nail base and varnish the nails. 
Effect 2:  Directly dap pigments on the natural nail and seal them with the nail base. Clean the brush with a cloth. 

On the photo below is my first try with pigments and a nail base. Ring finger is effect 2 and middle finger effect 1. Effect 1 worked pretty good, although the mixture dryed very fast (maybe, because it was hot outside). The effect 2 didn't work for me. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know, but dabbing a pigment on a nail and then applying a nail base isn't very easy, because first you can't apply a lot of pigments and second pigments don't stay on its place on the nail. And the second way is much more messy than the first one.

I also tried to mix some pigments in a nail base to see, if you can make frankens with it, but the answer is no. As you can see, pigments are heavy and they dip in the bottom of the bottle.

I made a swatch of the mixure I did with Kiss The Frog. That was very nice shade, but it was very sheer. I think I used 4 coats here (it was also a bit hard to apply because of the brush I used. It was small). 

I also made few looks with pigments. I have only 2 for you, because I photographed only these 2. Both are made over Colour Arts base.

First look is made with Safety First over my lid, Smell The Caramel in my crease and Strawberry Smoothie in my outer V and under my eyes. The pigments are pretty intensive and they really pop out.

With second look I used Strawberry Smoothie over my lid, Safety First in my crease, Kiss The Frog on my browbone and Little Mermaid under my eyes. 

- pigments 2,69 for 1,8 g
- nail base 1,69 for 8 ml
- eyeshadow base 1,99 € for 7,3 ml

What do you think about Colour Arts TE/pigments? Will you get anything from it? Will you use pigments mostly for nails, make up or lips?

Review: Essence Plates

Essence released few new plates some time ago and today I'm going to tell you my opinion about them. I won't write names of the plates, because they all have the same name. Swatches of images are made on white paper with Essence Stamp Me! Black.

First plate has few small images and one big. I really like the bow and the owl on this plate. This plate is pretty good, all the images transfer very nice.

The next plate has small images. I love this one. It has icecrem, cookie, umbrella, mushroom. You can do many amazing manicures with it. This plate is also pretty good, all the images transfer very nice.

The next plate has 8 small images and one for french manicure. I specially love blotch here. And I heart Paris. It's nice plate, all the images transfer nice. I only had few problems with the last image - a pacman. First time I stamped it, it didn't transfered nice, but the second one it did. I don't know if the problems was, that I scrabbed to much nail polish from plate the first time.  

The last one has few small images, few for french manicure and few big images. This is a plate, I had the most problems with. Some images transfer very nice and some just don't. I had problems with the middle image - circles. I stampad it few times, but I just couldn't get a whole image on a paper. The same problem a had with the last image - it was never stamped a whole on a paper. From this plate I'll probably use only stars and a leopard print, although I prefer hand-made nail art for leopard print.

Did you get any of these new Essence plates? What do you think about them?

700+ Followers Giveaway

At the beginning of August I reached 700 followers and I promised a giveaway on Facebook and today I'm finally fulfilling my promise. I already have 713 followers, so I did a 700+ followers giveaway. The prize isn't big, but it's something from me to you to say thank you. 

The prize:
- She 279
- Misslyn Obsession
- Misslyn Blue Planet
- Essence Have Fun image plate

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NOTD: Shimmery Mint

Today I have for you my current manicure. If you're following me on Facebook, then you probably saw a photo, that I published yesterday. My friend was in Canada and she brought me 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes. One was minty and I had to try it immediately. It's called Mint Sorbet. It's amazing polish. I'm going to show you its swatch once in the future. I was in the mood for a nail art, but didn't know what exactly to do, so I did some layering. First I applied one coat of Essence Glisten Up over it and then one coat of Essence Stop For An Ice Cream (Colour3). I love the final result. I need to do more layerings in the future.

Here is a close up look. Amazing combo, don't you agree?

 So, what do you think? Do you like to layer more than one polish over your base?

Empty #3

Today I have for you a post with products, that I finished lately. 

1. Aveo Pflegebad Kokos - This is a bath, but I used is as a shower gel. I love it, because it's smells like coconut, which is one of my favourites smells and because it's big. It contains 750 ml of product and it costs only 1,50 €, which is pretty cheap. It drys my skin a bit, but most of shower product does and then I just use lotion or bodybutter to mousturize my skin. 

2. Schauma Frucht&Vitamin Shampoo - This is a shampoo for normal hair. I always had very dry hair tips and greasy hair on the top, but this shampoo works great for me. My hair look great also the second day. It works good also against dandruff. Since I use this shampoo, it's almost gone for me. Before when I was using other shampoos, I just had more and more of it. And it smells amazing, the smell is very fruity. I think it costs less than 3 € (around 2,8 €). I bought it again and I'll buy it again, when I run out of it.

3. Schauma Frucht&Vitamin Balsam -Also very nice product. It gaves my hair shine and softness. It also costs less than 3 €.

4. Lactacyd Femina Ocean Fresh Gel - Every girls needs a good intimate gel, right. I bought this one, because it said in the description, that it works great agains bacteria. For me it worked great in all ways. I think it was around 3,5 € or 3 €, I'm not sure. It's available in Müller and DM.

5. Duchnesse Cosmetic Pads - I used those for removing my nail polish and my eye make up. I used different cotton pads, but these were working the best for me, so I buy them constantly. They contain 120 pieces and cost around 0,80 €. 

Do you use any of these product? What do you think?

Two Recent Leopard Print NOTD's

Today I have for you two leopard manicures, that I wore lately. 

The first one is a yellow manicure with 2 accent leopard print nails. As a base I used Essence My Yellow Fellow from Blossoms etc... collection. For leopard print I used Catrice Take It Mint, China Glaze Riveting and random black polish. On other nails I decided to do a golden french with Catrice Miss Money Penny. This is probably the most beautiful and successful leopard print I've ever done.

The next one is a bit different leopard print. My inpiration was a half moon manicure, but it's not a real half moon, because it's triangular. As a base I used Essence You Belong To Me. Then I applied Essence The Boy Next Door over it so that I left a triangle on the top of the nail. And then I made a leopard print with Essie Action and random black polish. It was very easy to do and it looked very nice.

And here is a swatch of Essence You Belong To Me. It's very gorgeous mint shade, easy to apply and opaque in two coats. If there is still a chance, that you find it anywhere around you, grab it till you can. Sorry for my messy application, but I was using Essence Nail Fixing System as a base coat and those fibers are always visible on the tips of the nails (they're usually not visible anymore, when I apply a top coat).

What do you think girls? Do you love to wear leopard print?

Few Summer Make Up Looks

Today I have for you few looks, I was wearing this summer. Some of them are very easy neutral looks and some are more summery. By all of them I used Essence I Love Stage base and Essence I Love Extreme mascara.

Neutral Look
This is my most worn make up look during the summer. I made it using Essence Ready For Boarding palette. I used yellow on my lid, brown in my crease and green under my eyes. The difference between these 2 is not visible, because green is very bad pigmented and very light, but it was more noticeable in RL. I also used beige one from this pallete for highlighting. The eyeliner is My Sparkling Acrobat  from Circus Circus TE.

Golden-green look
This one I wore to the cinema few weeks ago. I don't remember exactly what did I used here. I think the eyeshadows are from Sleek Curacao palette. The eyeliner is It's Magic from Circus Circus TE.

Acid Look
For this look I used a bunch of product: green eyeshadow from Catrice Revoltaire Toxic Combination palette over the lid, orange Catrice Coolibri Exotica eyeshadow pen, dark brown fromp alette  Manhattan M&Buffalo Beige Ballerina in  outer V, yellow from Essence Ready For Boarding Beauty On Tour palette in inner corner. Under my eyes I used first Misslyn Cornflower pen and then I blended it with Blue Lagoon eyeshadow from Sleek Curacao palette. The liner is Essence I Love Style. On my waterline I used Essence black kaja pencil. 

Sunset Look
This looks I made with Sleek Curacao palette. I used Screwdriver in my inner corner and the first third of my lid, Bloody Mary on the rest of my lid and under my eyes and Tequila Sunrise in my crease. As a highliter I used Martini. The eyeliner is Essence I Love Style and on my waterline I used Essence black kajal pencil. 

My favourites are last two looks. What do you think, girls? Which one do you like the most? Would you wear any of these?

You've Got a Nail Mail

Today I have for you some packages, I got last week. One is a giveaway, that I won and 2 are swaps. 

By Nail Crazy I won Glow in the Dark nail polish. The formula is a bit thick, so I had few problems with application and it didn't work good with my top coat. I have to try it without top coat. The glow is bad visible in the dark, so I think this is another "glow in the dark" polish, that glows under light. I tryed to photograph it, but that was mission impossible. Girls, if you have glow in the dark polish, please, let me know, how to take a good photo of it. Thanks.

By us Catrice Million Styles TE wasn't available, so I was very happy, when Chiro said, that she can get me those polishes. I wanted 4 polishes from this LE (including the one with flakies, but it's the same as Essence Dance TC, so we agreed, she's not going to send it), so you can imagine, how surprised and happy I was, when I saw she put 2 extra. She also send me 2 P2 nail polishes from Spieces and Herbs LE. Green is my color! I already tried all Catrice polishes. Thank you, Chiro, very very much. She has blog My Nail of This Week. You should definitely check it out. She also participated in Summer Challenge. She did a lot of amazing manicures, so go on her blog now.

The second swap I made with Ana from Any Rainbow. She wanted some blushes from Catrice and Essence, so we agreed to swap some make up products. I wanted to try Golden Rose blush and lipstick, because I've heard, that they're good, and she also inclued some polishes extra, so I'm very grateful to her for what she has send me.   

I probably won't write a whole review about these products (I'm only going to show you nail polish swatches one day in the future), so I added quick swatches to this post. I tried all 3 products (a blush, a lipstick and a lipliner) and I like them all so far. Blush has good pigmentation, is easy to apply and it looks amazing on cheaks. Lipstick is also great pigmented and it lasts quite long. The only downside is, that after some time I get a drying feeling on my lips. Aura lipliner is amazing. It's creamy (even more that Essence lipliners), easy to apply and nice to blend.

I just love to get a nail mail. You can imagine my happiness last week, when I got 3. What do you think about the things, that I got? Do you have any of them or would you like to try them in the future?

Tutorial: Neon Splatter Nails

Yesterday I promised you a tutorial for splatter neon nails and today I'm publishing it. This tutorial is easy, but a bit time consuming, because you have to wait for polish to dry.

What you will need:
- polishes of your choise
- dotting tool
- tweezers
- transparent folder

Step 1: Take transparent folder and polish of your choise and put drops of polish on a folder. (The folder was transparent, but I used white paper beneath for the tutorial, so it will be easier to me to take a photo, that's why the background is white.)
Step 2: Take a dotting tool and make patterns from dots. You can do bigger or smaller patterns (I made bigger for my thumbs).

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with other polishes. You can use as many colors as you want. I decided to use 5 neon shades. Then wait for patterns to be completely dry.  

Step 4: Paint your nails with color of your decision. I used white, because my patterns were neon. Wait that the polish is dry, before applying patterns.   

Step 5: When the patterns on the folder are completely dry, remove them from folder. You can do that so, that you curve the folder or you can pull it over the edge of the table (I hope this is understabdable). If the polish is completely dry, the patterns will be easy to remove.  

Step 6: Place a pattern with tweezers on your nail. When you're going to place a pattern, push it with your fingers down, so it will stay on place. I actually noticed, that it was easier for me to place a pattern with fingers, but you can decide on your own, how you're going to do it. 
Step 7: Repeat the step 6 with a pattern in any other color. You can add as many patterns as you want.

The step 8 is to apply a top coat over your design to protect it. And in the end your manicure can look like this:

My advice is that you really wait that the polish on a folder drys completely. I didn't wait long enough, so I had problems with removing patterns from a folder. There were also visible my finger prints, but top coat saved that problem. Also wait for base polish to be dry, it will be easier to work. I know, that can be time consuming, but the final result is amazing. 

I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know, if you're going to try to do this manicure.