Summer Challenge Day 9: Favourite Summer Memory

Today it's time for summer challenge again. This time the theme is favourite summer memory. This one was hard and not hard. I mean, every summer happens something, that is unforgettable, but some things just can't be transformed on nails. As my favourite summer memory for this challenge I chosed last year's summer day, when I met my boyfriend. I was thinking hard, how to show that on my nails, but then it clicked me, that I still remember, what we were wearing (strange, I know) and decided to use my T-shirt as a inspiration. He was also wearing red T-shirt, so this is kinda similar. Here's my T-shirt. I didn't took a photo of whole T-shirt, because I wanted to show you the design on it.

So, the T-shirt has different flowers on it, so I did different flowers on my nails too. They're not exactly the same, I just did what came up to my mind. As a base I used Essence Wake Up, polish I was wearing a lot around the time I've met my darling. The white polish is Essence White Hype.

 Very simple manicure, but I kinda like it. Check out also other girls, what are their favourite memories.