Summer Challenge Day 8: Beach

We are already on a half of the Summer challenge, I think. Wow, it's going by very fast. Today's task was beach and this one was really hard. I didn't have idea what to do. I was searching for inspiration on Pinterest, Google, Tumblr, but nothing good came on my mind. In the end I did this boring nail art, because I was also in a hurry. I had only like 45 min to do it, because then I went to the cinema with my BF to see Ice Age 4. I loved the movie.

As a base I used Essence Soul Sista Totally Retro Nude shade. This polish reminds me of sand. On my pinkie a draw a boring towel with Bourjois Bleu Water and Coral Magique. On my ring finger you can see an umbrella. Nothing fancy really. I made it with Essence Nail Art Silver Surfer and Vollare 133. On my middle finger and thumb I made a sea with a beach and a heart print in sand. I used Miss Sporty 60 and China Glaze Mahagony Magic. With this CG polish I also made footprints in sand on my index finger. I'm not satisfied with this manicure, but I decided to show it to you anyway.

In cinema I came up with another idea for today's task. Yes, I was thinking about it in cinema, because I wasn't satisfied with what I've done. So when I came home, I made another manicure. This one represent beach with sea on tips. On index and middle finger I made a half of the sun on each. I didn't know exactly what to do on other two nails, so I draw two palm trees. I used the same technique as by sun - two fingers together represent one picture. You can get the better imagination on second photo.

The polishes, I used, are: Essence Soul Sista Totally Retro Nude, Bourjois Bleu Water, Essence Sundancer, China Glaze Mahogany Magic and P2 Artful. Unfortunatelly these two photos aren't the best, because outside was already dark and I had to use flash and a warm bulb, because I broke daylight bulb I had. Sometimes I can be very clumsy. I'm very satisfied with second manucire. It's much much better than the first one.Which one do you like better?

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