Summer Challenge Day 4: Palm Trees

This is a scheduled post, because today I'm not at home, because we're having a sport event in our town and I'm helping there.
The theme for day 4 are palm trees. Firts I thought, that that will be easy to do, but then when I had to do it, my head was empty and I didn't have any idea, what exactly should I do. Then I typed a word "palm tree" in Google and I found a gorgeous photo of a tree at the beach with sea and sky in backround. Then I knew I had to do this on my nails.

I started with 2 coats of Essence Fall For Me, which represents sky. Then I sponged Miss Sporty 60 on my tips for the sea. When everything dried, I used Essence Totally Retro Nude and draw beach on each nail. In the end I draw palm tree on each nail with China Glaze Mahagony Magic and Essence Bella. In the end I added a top coat. I really like, how this manicure looks. Although I don't have the best photos. I made them so many, but most of tgen were bad. But these 2 show the manicure pretty good. 

What do you think about my palm trees? Check out also other girls, what they did.

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