Summer Challenge Day 3 - Favourite Summer Song

Today's challenge theme is favorite summer song. This one is kind of tricky/hard, because I don't have favourite summer song, I actually don't even have favourite song, so I did a manicure of a song, I listen the most at the moment. 

This song sings Neda Parmać and it's called Naša stvar (eng: Our thing). It's in croatian language. It's a love song. It talks about a girl, who met a boy and they're happy together.

Because it's a love song, the theme wasn't that hard anymore. I have some plates with love designs, so I did stamping for this task. First I painted my nails in grey and yellow. If you watched her video, you noticed, that she wears grey and yellow training suit. Polishes, I used, are Essence Hide Bella Hide and Claire's 96784. For stamping I decided to use black and white color. Both from Essence - Stamp Me! Black and Stamp Me! White. I used 2 plates from Essence, which don't have particular names (more plates have the same name) and Konad m78. 

There's a lot of hearts, because the heart is main simbol for love. On my index finger I stamped some lips, which represent kisses. Essence plate has the word love, so I stamped it on my middle finger. I added two hearts with dotting tool, that are holding each other. They represent two people in love. I really really love, how it turned out. And the colors go better together than I expected. What do you think?

Check out, what are favourite songs from other girls and what they have done.