Summer Challenge Day 15: Sea/Ocean

This post should actually be a yesterday's post, but I didn't had time to do this nail art yesterday, so I'm publishing it today. This time the theme was sea or ocean and I decided to do the sea underworld. I really like how this manicure looks, it turned out like I had it in my head. I did smudged the octopus in the end with my top coat, but this is tipical for me, when it comes to nail art.

I used a whole bunch of nail polishes and all were from Essence: BBC Splash  Refresh (base color), Fall For Me (gradient), Bella (algae), Totally Retro Nude (sand), No Better Way To Sky (octipus), Off To Miami! (seastar), Peach Beauty (seastar), Romeo (fish), Stamp Me!White and Stamp Me!Black.

I hope, you like it. Here you can see all the manicures, we did for this challenge till now.