Summer Challenge Day 13: Dolphins (Cling Wrap Manicure)

The time is passing by so fast. Today is the 13th task in Summer Challenge. Only 3 are left and then it will ended. Wow, that came quickly. Today's theme is Dolphins/Whales or Favourite Water Animal. I decided to go with dolphins, just because I have a plate that have dolphins on it. 

I started with cling wrap manicure. This was my first attempt and I'm very satisfied with it. I love, how it looks in the end, so I'm definitely trying this again. There are more ways to do this nail art. I saw few different tutorials, but I followed this one, done by MissJenFabulous. It's very easy and quick to do. There is some clean up to do in the end, but not too much, if you are careful.

I really like how it looks. Like marble, just easier to do. As a base I used blue polish from BYS, called Royal Blue (it's a mood polish). I actually applied this in the evening one day before I did this manicure, so it was totally dry the next day in the morning. Other two polishes, I used, are China Glaze Aquadelic and Essence Fall For Me.

Because the theme was dolphins/whales or any other water animal, I decided to do stamping for this task. I used plate m71 and Essence Stamp Me! Black. I actually wanted to do only 2 dolphins on accent nail, but I didn't put them in a centre of my nail, so I just added another dolphin.

And this is how the dolphins look on my right hand and should look on my left hand too, but they don't.

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