Summer Challenge Day 10: Tropical Drinks

Today's Summer challenge theme is tropical drinks. I was thinking a lot what to do, but then I found this photo od coctail you see and that inspired me to use those colors for today's manicure. This coctail is called Sex On The Beach. I actually didn't decide for this as inspiration because of liking this drink, but because I love those colors and I think they're perfect for summer.

First I did a gradient with red, orange, coral and peachy colors. The polishes I used are Catrice Abloom, Essence Doc, Beautyline Deluxe 2 and Essence Peaches. Then I decided to draw a glass on an accent nail. It looks more like a glass for martini, but it was easier for me to draw it that way. I used Essence My Sparkling Acrobat.I'm kinda satisfied with it, although I had a lot of clean up to do (and I didn't do it the best :().

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