Review and Swatches: Essence Miami Roller Girl Dates On Skates blush

Today I have for you swatches of a blush from Essence Miami Roller Girls TE. It's called Dates on the Skates. This blush is amazing and crazy pigmented, it's the most pigmented Essence product I've ever tried. It's an ombre blush. The colors go from orange and coral to pink. It looks just amazing.

Here are the swatches of each color on it's own. The good thing is, that you can use each color on it's own. The texture of this blush is pretty soft and the blush is matte. Application is very easy. It's enough one coat with a brush to get a nice and intensive look on your cheaks. I tryied two coats too and it was too much. So my advice is to use a little amount of product and then you can't build it, if you want. If you're going to have too much product on the brush, you can't quickly get too intensive look and you're going to look strange with all that blush on your cheaks. The only thing, that bothers me it's crumbly and you waste too much product with one usage, but it's big and you can learn how to handle this and then it's not a problem anymore. The packaging isn't any special, it's plastic and it has silver inscription.

This is how they look all mixed together. It's a nice coral color. 

And this is how the blush looks on me.

The packaging contains 8 g and it costs 3,49 €. This is a good price for this product and I totally recommend you to get it. 

What do you think about this blush? Did you get it or are you getting it? What about other products from Miami Roller TE, is there anything interested for you?