Review and Swatches: Depend Magnetic Nail Polishes

Today I have for you swatches of 2 Depend magnetic shades in 6006 and 6011. I think these don't have names. Too bad, because I love that Depend holos have names. I got 2 green shades, because I love green. 

These magnetic polishes are amazing. Each comes with it's own magnet. I love the magnet, it's very strong and it makes beautiful design. It's very practical, you can turn it around and made different stripes - horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The only minus of this polish is, that it's straight. My nails are pretty curved and the magnet doesn't do a pattern over whole nail, only on top of it.

How I apply magnetic nail polishes? First I apply one coat on all nails and wait for it to dry. Then I do each nail separately. I apply another coat of polish, use magnet and hold it near to nail for about 10 seconds. Magnet works very fast and you get a design in 5 second, but I rather hold it a bit longer. If I use a top coat over it, I wait, that the polish is completely dry, otherwise it smudges the design. I also have to mention, that these polishes have nice formula and are easy to apply.

6011 is a metallic green shade with dark green shimmer. The brush leaves strokes while applying, so I'll have to be more careful with next application. The pattern on this polish was created very fast and it's very strong. Here I used 2 coats.

6006 is a darker turquise shade with green shimmer. Amazing shade. The pattern isn't as strong as by 6006, although both magnets are equally strong. Maybe it's the shimmer, I don't know. But the color is so beautiful, that I just felt in love with it. Here I used 2 coats. 

I'm very impressed with Depend magnetic polishes. They have the same minus as holographics polishes - they contains 5 ml of polish and cost 3,45 €. Each polish has it's own magnet, which is good, if you buy only one shade, but if you decide to get more shades, you don't need a lot of magnets, right? But overall they're gorgeous and I'll probably get some more of them - shades I still don't own.

What do you think about Depend magnetic polishes? Did you try them or are you planning to?