Review and Swatches: Depend Holographic Nail Polishes

Few days ago came in our drugstores Depend holographic and magnetics nail polishes. I was really excited specially about the holographic polishes, because our drugstores don't hold holographic nail polishes (only few brands have maybe one in their assortiment). There are 12 polished in the collection. I wanted a lot of them, but in the end I got only 4. I think that's enough for the beginning.

I have to say, I adore these polishes. They're so easy to apply, dry fast, last long and have gorgeous rainbow. Amazing. The only downside is, that they cost 3,45 € and have only 5 ml of product. I wish they would hold at least 10 ml. All polishes are more sheer, they all needed 3 coats to be opaque, but luckily they dry fast. I made all swatches without base coat. I tested Laurel Green over Essence Studion nails 24/7 nail base and they worked great together, so you don't need any special base coat under these polishes.

2032 Denim blue is actually a purple holo. I don't know why, but my camera makes all purples look more blue than they are in RL. I personally wouldn't call this color denim blue. Here I used 3 coats.

My blue holo had a bit wonky brush. Few bristles were to long, so I had to cut them off. 

2033 Ocean Blue is a bright blue color. The name of this one suits him well. Here I used 3 coats. 

2035 Laurel Green is a bright green holo. This one is my favourite, it's the most special shade in this collection by my opinion. I adore it. I recommend you to get this one, if you have a chance. Here I used 3 coats.

2036 Ocean Green is a darker green holo. This is my second favourite. I would never say no to a darker green holo. Here I used 3 coats. 

Depend polishes are available in DM drugstores in Slovenia. They cost 3,45 €. The rainbow of these polishes is more visible in RL than on photos.

What do you girls think about Depend holographic polishes? Which ones are you planning to get?