Monthly Hauls - June

June month was crazy. I got so many nail polishes, that I was just like OMG. But I made 2 swaps and some polishes were given to me as a gift, so it's logical, that the number it's a bit higher. And in June there were some good limited edition collection, that I had to have (Catrice, Essence). I actually bought only 23 polishes, all others were bouhgt for me or I received them in a swap

Catrice Twist Of Lemon
Catrice Birds Flying High
Catrice Abloom
Catrice Virgin Forest
Catrice Exotica
Catrice Nautica
Catrice Feel The Yacht Beat

Essence Exits on Your Right
Essence Beauty On Tour  
Essence Via Armail

 Essence Evil Queen
Essence Prince Charming
Essence Snow White
Essence The Humtsman
Essence Bashful
Essence Grumpy
Essence Doc 
Essence Happy
Essence Sleepy 
Essence Sneezy  
Essence Dopey

Next 8 polishes (Bourjous and Color Cub) gave my boyfriend to me. I choose colors alone and he bought them for me. He's so sweet. <3

Bourjois Corail Magique
Bourjois Bleu Water
Bourjois 26
Bourjois 25

Color Club Wild At Heart (my big lemming for so long)
Color Club Factory Girl
Color Club I Always Get My Man Darin
Color Club Youthquake  

This Catrice polish is discounted, but I got it as a gift with Cosmopolitan. Golden Rose bought my mom for me, when she was in Serbia. Joy polish I bought myself and I got it, cuz it looked neon to me.

Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy
Golden Rose 299
Joy 322 

In my post about my swaps I forgot to mention, that Marijana was very kind and she send me also a toilet bag with colorful butterflys. It's so cute. This is a package from Serbia.

China Glaze Sun Worshiper
Shina Glaze Mahogany Magic
China Glaze Agro
China Glaze Riveting
 China Glaze Fast Track
Flert protein yellow neon
Flert protein green neon 

This is a swap with Natalie from Greece.

Lovie 11
Lovie 13
Lovie 148
Erre Due 250
Erre Due 236
Erre Due 223
G Cosmetics 2
Sabrina Cosmetics 792 
H&M Fantasy Ocean
Apivita lip balm

Yes, I went crazy this month. Lucily in July I don't see that many interesting limited edition collections. But I'm planing a trip in Graz this month, so that means I'll probably get some polishes, not available by us. And Depend is coming with new collections this month. Oh, well, I'll try to be better than this month and bought them a lot lot less.

What do you think, girls? Do happen to you too those crazy nail polish months? What did you get in June?


I also have for you swatch of Essence Happy from Snow White TE. I was planning to publish it in it's own post, but since I'm doing a Summer Challenge and I have a lot of other post in mind to write too, I just decided to publish it here. It's a beautiful orangy-yellow creme shade, very easy to apply. I wore it last week. It wasn't long on my nails, because I upgraded it and I didn't like the nail art, so I removed it. But polish by itself it's very beautiful. Here I used 2 coats. 


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  1. whoa major haulage! im so jealous you got the snow white collection!

    1. I know, thw number it's so big. We had a luck, because it was available in all our drugstores and I found a full display twice. :)

  2. Odgovori
    1. Too many, I would say, for one month. But ...

    2. Well I have to agree. :P But, I understand. :D Kind of... :'] <3

  3. I really want those Snow White polishes from essence ! Darn they are gorgeous ! Also Catrice's Virgin forest is a color i need to get my hands on !

  4. Great haul!!!! I wish I had all you do at the moment! Lol

  5. The Snow White collection is gorgeous. I love all Catrice polishes and Fantasy Ocean.
    Great haul, enjoy it!

  6. Oh yes oh yes last month was really crazy month especially for those gorgeous essence LEs!!
    I don't know myself how many I got them as my backups :)

  7. Wooow, super, koliko ih je samo! Snow White kolekcija mi je tiha patnja.

  8. You weren't lying when you said you'd made some major shopping.
    I am rarely attracted by an entire collection. I usually only get one or two things.