Catrice and Essence Haul (New Color&Go Nail Polishes + Some Swatches)

Does it happen to you too, that you go in a drugstore to buy one product and you ended up with bunch of other beauty products in your shopping basket? It happens to a lot of us, I think. Yesterday I went in Müller, because I wanted to get a blush from Essence Miami Roller Girl TE and also decided to check Catrice stand for some sales, if I'm already there, and in the end I found new Essence Color&Go polishes, so I bought a lot of stuff yesterday. 

Catrice products, that are going to be discountinued, were on sale for 1,99 €, so I decided to get me their blushes, because I didn't own any before. I got 2 in Peach Sorbet and Pink Grapefruit Shake. Then it catch my eyes lipgloss in Peach Boy, so I had to get this one too.

I've tried and swatch them today and I'm very satisfied with this buy. Blushes are very pigmented and they look gorgeous on cheaks. I like these duo blushes, that means you have 3 blushes in one. Cool, ha? Also lipgloss is very pigmented and mousturizing. It's less orange on lips and it's not sticky. 

I couldn't resist not to get some of new Essence Color&Go nail polishes. There were a lot of new amazing shades, but for the beginning I got myself 6 new shades. I got Oh My Glitter!, Stuck On You, I Love Bad Boys, Walk On The Wild Site, Chic Reloaded and Off To Miami!

I made quick swatches for you. I also took a photo in the sun, so you will see a gorgeous shimmer in some of these polishes. I will swatch each of these polishes in the future. First impression is, that these polishes are very good. I didn't have any problem with application, I love the formula and also new brush (it's wider that the old one - you can see it here on Innen und Aussen). I still don't know, how long they last and if they will thicken so fast as old Color&Go nail polishes. These bottles contain more product than old ones - 8 ml. They cost 1,69 €. 

I couldn't resist and I had to put Off To Miami! on my nails. It's a gorgeous coral cream shade, opaque in 2 coats. It drys darker than it is in the bottle. That's a pity, because I really adore the color in the bottle. I didn't have any problems with application. Although it's darker on my nails, I really like to wear it. 

I immediately tied this color with golden one, so I decided to do a little upgrade and put golden glitter on my tips. I didn't do a gradient, I just used brush. I used Essence Make It Golden. This polish is not a part of new Color&Go line as some other old shades, so get it while you still can, it's gorgeous.

The blush from Essence Miami Roller TE will get it's own post. I didn't do a haul post for a long time, because I post all of my nail polish buys of certain month at the beginning of the next month, but I hope you like this post. 

Are you getting anything from Catrice discontinued products? What do you think about new Essence Color&Go nail polishes? Are you excited to get them as I was?