Braided Nails + Tutorial

Today I have for you the manicure, I wore few days ago. I made fishtale braided nail art, but I bit diferent as I did it in this post. I used Essence Makes Me Week as a base and then Catrice Abloom and Essence Happy for braiding. I also included a tutorial, in case if you want to do it too.

Step 1: Paint you nails with your base color. You can choose what ever color you want. 
Step 2: Use nail art pen or a nail polish for this step. If you're using a nail polish, then put a drop of it on a paper and draw diagonal lines with nail art brush. Start on the top of your nail (by the cuticle) and draw a diagonal line on 2/3 of your nail. Then repeat this step from other side. Do this until you don't cover the whole nail.
Step 3: Take a color, you were drawing lines with and paint every third square with it. I was using dotting tool for this step.
Step 4: Take another color and paint the squares near the ones, you painted in step 3.
Step 5: Again use the color, you were drawing lines with, and make a line in the middle of each square, that still has only base color. Then draw little diagonal stripes on each side. I decided to leave the first and the last square with only base color, because they were small and it looked better to me that way.
Step 6: Wait for all the polishes to dry and then use a top coat to protect your design.

I'm sorry I'm not the best with explaining the tutorial, but english is not my native language and I still have problems with it. But I hope you can see from the photo, how to do this nail art.

What do you think about my nail art? Do you like it? Are you going to try it?

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  1. Love the mani, and the new header on your page!!

  2. nice... moram primjetiti da čak i bolje izgleda bez pletenice, trebala si stati nakon koraka 4, tako je manikura uočljivija ;-D

    1. Vem, ampak ravno 5. korak je point tega tutoriala in te manikure.

  3. Super luštno, moram sprobat enkrat, bodo vsaj prišli v uporabo moji laki s tankimi čopiči. :D

  4. pretty!

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