Swatches and Review: Essence Ready For Boarding Beauty On Tour Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty On Tour is a palette from Essence Ready For Boarding trend edition. I was really looking foward to it, because it has bright shades, perfect for summery make up, when you don't want to wear strong, heavy make up. The palette contains 6 shimmery eyeshadows in brown, beige, blue, green, yellow and grey. The packaging is cute, it's from cardboard and it has magnet for closing the palette. The desing on palette is a postage stamp. I think it's cute. Instead of mirror there are instructions, how to make two simple looks with this pallete. It contains 5,7 g of product. The price is 3,79 €. 

Brown, yellow and grey eyeshadows are pretty good pigmented, blue and green are medium pigmented and beige has a bad pigmentation. Otherwise they're very easy to apply and to blend. I made few make up looks with this palette and I didn't notice, that eyeshadow would crease, which is good. I made these swatches without eyeshadow base.

I usually do swatches of palettes with fingers, so I decided to try to do them also with the brush and test a pigmentation in that case. Also these swatches are made without an eyeshadow base and applied in two coats. I really really like a yellow eyeshadow. It's going to be so fun to use it often in my summery looks. I have a feeling, that it makes my eyes bigger. I usually apply it over whole lid and use brown in my crease, add a liner, mascara and that's it.

This palette isn't bad, I really like it because of yellow eyeshadow, but I wish that blue and green eyeshadow would be more pigmented. Then this palette would be excellent. If you're searching for a palette with very good pigmented eyeshadows, then this one isn't for you. But it's far from expensive and I do like the colors, so I don't regret to buy it.

What do you think about this palette? Will you get it? Did you get anything else from this trend edition?