Snow White and The Huntsman

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to cinema to see a Snow White and the Huntsman movie. I was really looking foward to this movie, but in the end it didn't impressed me that much. It wasn't bad, but I expected more. I don't like Kristen Stewart as an actress that much and I think she wasn't that good. Also I didn't like  Charlize Theron very much in this movie, she should be strong and evil, but she was the whole movie on the edge of tears. But I loved the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth is hot.

Because I didn't know, what to put on my nails, it came on my mind the title of this movie and I decided to use two polishes from Essence Snow White trend edition: a Snow White and The Huntsman. I think red and gold are great combination. I used 2 coats of each polish. The Huntsman is just gorgeous - it has small round, big hexagonal and also some random glitter. On my pinkie you can see a big triangular glitter. I different corners the glitters reflect a green color. This polish is amazing and I totally recommend you to get it.

Did you watch Snow White and the Huntsman movie? What do you think about it What do you think about red and gold combination, do you like it?