Review: Catrice Coolibri TE (Gloss and Eyeshadow Pen)

Last weekend I had a luck to find a whole Catrice Coolibri LE display. I was thinking, what should I get and in the end I decided to try all 5 polishes, because they're in gorgeous summery colors, one lipgloss and one eyeshadow pen. The packaging of this collection is so cute. I like that the design on each polish is in the color of the polish. Today I'm going to write my opinion about gloss and an eyeshadow pen. Nail polish swatches  will be published in tomorrows post.

There were 4 nectar glosses in 4 different colors, but I decided to took Exotica, an orange one. The brush was at the beginning very hard, so I had to pull it over my hand few times to soften it. After that application was more easy. On lips it looks transparent. It mousturizes lips and it doesn't gave them a sticky feeling. Very good gloss for me. The packaging is also cute, I like that it's not rounded. It contains 6 ml of product and it costs 3,99 €.

Eyeshadow pens were also in 4 different colors: blue, green, gold and orange. I tried all 4 in drugstore and Exotica was most pigmented, so I decided to took only this one. I love it, it's great pigmented and it's perfect for bright make up. It's very easy to blend. I tried it without make up base and it worked great, it didn't creased or anything. It's also great as a base for another eyeshadow. It doesn't say, if it's waterproof, but it was very hard to remove with water, so I think, it is. One pen contains 1,64 g of eyeshadow and it costs 3,69 €.

And here is a make up, I did with Exotica eyeshadow pen. I applied it over a whole lid, but no make up base under. Beside that I used Sleek palette in Curacao, Beauty UK palette in Earty Child, Essence Circus Circus glitter eyeliner and Essence I Love Extreme mascara.

What do you think about Catrice Coolibri TE? Did you get anything from it?