Catrice Nautica and Nautica Inspired Nail Art

From Catrice Cruise Couture I got two polishes and both are blue. The second one is called Nautica. It's a gorgeous dark blue shade. On the sun it's noticeable, that it has blue shimmer, but most of the time it looks like it has a creme finish. It has very good formula, the wide brush makes application very easy (at least to me, I know some of you girls don't like new Catrice brush). It's very nice shade, but I'll wear it more in fall and winter. In summer I'm more in the mood for bright colors. Here I used 2 coats.

The name and the desing of the polish inspired me to do a nautical nail art. On my ring finger I draw an anchor and on my thumb a ship's rudder. A ship's rudder was an originally a desing I wanted to paint on my nails, because it also on a lid of the polish. On others fingers I made stripes. I actually wanted to do horizontal stripes, but something confused me and I made them vertical. Well, it looks good that way too. The white polish is Essence Black & White Whipe Hype.

 So, girls, what do you think about this polish? And about my nail art? Do you like it?

Catrice Feel The Yacht Beat

Today I have for you swatches of Catrice polish from Cruise Couture limited edition collection. It's called Feel The Yacht Beat. It's gorgeus blue shade with blue shimmer with great application, but unfortunatelly not very unique. In my stash I already have two similar polishes: Catrice Up In The Air and China Glaze Electric Beat. The only difference is, that these two polishes don't have shimmer like FTYB. I don't know, why I always notice, that I already have a certain color, after I come home. Probably because I love this color very much.

In the shadow shimmer isn't very visible, but it's still noticeable. For these swatches I used 2 coats.

Do you like this color? Do you already have anything similar in your stash? What do you think about Catrice Cruise Couture LE, did you get anything from it?

Swatches and Review: Essence Ready For Boarding Beauty On Tour Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty On Tour is a palette from Essence Ready For Boarding trend edition. I was really looking foward to it, because it has bright shades, perfect for summery make up, when you don't want to wear strong, heavy make up. The palette contains 6 shimmery eyeshadows in brown, beige, blue, green, yellow and grey. The packaging is cute, it's from cardboard and it has magnet for closing the palette. The desing on palette is a postage stamp. I think it's cute. Instead of mirror there are instructions, how to make two simple looks with this pallete. It contains 5,7 g of product. The price is 3,79 €. 

Brown, yellow and grey eyeshadows are pretty good pigmented, blue and green are medium pigmented and beige has a bad pigmentation. Otherwise they're very easy to apply and to blend. I made few make up looks with this palette and I didn't notice, that eyeshadow would crease, which is good. I made these swatches without eyeshadow base.

I usually do swatches of palettes with fingers, so I decided to try to do them also with the brush and test a pigmentation in that case. Also these swatches are made without an eyeshadow base and applied in two coats. I really really like a yellow eyeshadow. It's going to be so fun to use it often in my summery looks. I have a feeling, that it makes my eyes bigger. I usually apply it over whole lid and use brown in my crease, add a liner, mascara and that's it.

This palette isn't bad, I really like it because of yellow eyeshadow, but I wish that blue and green eyeshadow would be more pigmented. Then this palette would be excellent. If you're searching for a palette with very good pigmented eyeshadows, then this one isn't for you. But it's far from expensive and I do like the colors, so I don't regret to buy it.

What do you think about this palette? Will you get it? Did you get anything else from this trend edition?

NOTD: Crackle Holo

Today just a quick post to show you my today's manicure. We had a family picnic today and I decided to do some holo gradient. Because I didn't like it that much, I decided to upgrade it with crackle polish. I haven't done crackle for so long. I like, how it turned out.

Polishes, I used, are Catherine Arley 676, 668 and 800. Over them I applied Perfect Graffiti 7G, a white crackle polish. I didn't use any top coat, because I like that finish of this manicure isn't glossy.

And a close up look.In RL holo wasn't very visible.

What do you think, girls? Do you still use crackle polishes or you don't?

NOTD: Abstract Flowers On Exits On Your Right

Today I have pictures spam for you, but I couldn't help myself, I'm so liking this manicure. Yesterday was so hot, that I wasn't even in the mood to paint my nails, but then I was in the bad mood because of some people and I decided to do a nail art to make me feel better.

But before I start with my nails of the day, let me tell you, that I decided to change my watermark. The old one was really getting on my nerves and I made it always in corner of photos, so anyone could crop it. Now I made smaller one and somewhere in the center of the photo. Tell me, is is good or it's too much noticable? Does it bother you on photos? Should I do it more transparent? Let me know, what you think. Every critique is good. ;)

Yesterday I started with 2 coats of Essence Exits On Your Right from Ready for Boarding TE. It's gorgeous bright green creme shade, very nice to apply and of course a perfect base for nail art.

Then I made flowers on 2 accent nails (my accent nails are always ring finger and thumb ;)). I wanted to do a bit different flowers than I usually do. I made two dots on each finger and then short stripes in circles around them. I call them abstract, because they don't look that much as flowers. I also added some leaves. I didn't want to let other fingers "naked", so I made some stripes. They are far away from perfect, but hey, it's an abstract manicure. Lol. I really really like the finished look. Polishes, I used: Essence Beauty On Tour for flowers, Essence Bashful for leaves and Essence Viva La Green for stripes. Here is a little photo spam. 

What do you girls think? Do you like it as I do? And please, tell me your opinion about my new watermark.

NOTD: Fishtale

Today I had an exam and I slept only five hours, so I'm tired, but before I go to bed, I want to show you my todays nails. I really feel good, if I have beautiful nails on exams. This manicure originally isn't my idea, I saw it on Lucy's Stash blog and I had to try it. She also made a tutorial.

Mine isn't perfect as hers, obviously. I have to try it with some other colors and on all nails to see, how it's going to look. For this manicure I used Avon Aqua Fantasy, Avon Coral Reef and Manhattan 29Z.

What do you think, girls? Will you try it?

Guest post at Red Hair and Black Nail Polish

This is going to be just a quick post to let you know, that today I'm guest on Theodora's blog. She is an amazing blogger with amazing nail art skill and if you still don't follow her, then become her follower, you're gonna love her blog. You can read my post here. Now I'm going to back to study, Wednesday is going to be here quick.

Snow White and The Huntsman

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to cinema to see a Snow White and the Huntsman movie. I was really looking foward to this movie, but in the end it didn't impressed me that much. It wasn't bad, but I expected more. I don't like Kristen Stewart as an actress that much and I think she wasn't that good. Also I didn't like  Charlize Theron very much in this movie, she should be strong and evil, but she was the whole movie on the edge of tears. But I loved the Huntsman, Chris Hemsworth is hot.

Because I didn't know, what to put on my nails, it came on my mind the title of this movie and I decided to use two polishes from Essence Snow White trend edition: a Snow White and The Huntsman. I think red and gold are great combination. I used 2 coats of each polish. The Huntsman is just gorgeous - it has small round, big hexagonal and also some random glitter. On my pinkie you can see a big triangular glitter. I different corners the glitters reflect a green color. This polish is amazing and I totally recommend you to get it.

Did you watch Snow White and the Huntsman movie? What do you think about it What do you think about red and gold combination, do you like it?

Quick Swatches: Essence Ready For Boarding

This week two Essence trend editions came in our drugstores at the same time. First one is Snow White and the second one is Ready For Boarding. From this TE I had on wish list a palette and two polishes, but in the end I got three.

The palette is very lovely, it has bright summery shades in it. They're all shimmery. I used it today and at the moment I like it very much. I'll swatch it next week and then I'm going to write a whole review. The palette is called Beauty on Tour.

The polishes are also great. They have great pigmented formula and are easy to apply. Also these polishes will be swatched next week, but here are quick swatches of each on one finger. I have to say, I'm really loving a green one.

Exits on Your Right, Via Armail, Beauty On Tour.

What do you think about this Essence trend edition? Are you getting anythig from it?

Quick Swatches: Essence Snow White TE

It will be a lot of photos in this post, but little words. The other day I bought all polishes from Essence Snow White trend edition. Well, some dwarfs weren't really that unique, but I couldn't left them behind. Unfortunatelly I can't swatch all 11 polishes at the moment, because I'm studying for my exam on Wednesday, but I made quick swatches for you. 

Big bottles. They contain 10 ml of polish. Price: Snow White 1,89 €, special effect topper 2,19 €. 

Dwarfs. Little bottles. They contain 5 ml of polish. Price: 1,69 €.

Snow White

Prince Charming

The Huntsman

Evil Queen

Sleepy - a light blue shade with blue shimmer.

Doc - a bright orange creme shade.

Grumpy - a royal blue creme shade. 

Bashful - a green shade with golden shimmer. 

Sneezy - a brown shade with silver shimmer.

Dopey - a lilac shade with silver glitter. 

Happy - a yellow creme shade. 

And here are quick swatches of all 11 polishes. 

Bashful, Grumpy, Doc, Happy.

Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Snow White.

 Evil Queen, The Huntsman, Prince Charming. 

I'll swatch all the polishes next week after my exam. I can already tell, that my favourites are Grumpy and Bashful, two kings of this TE, if you ask me. Snow White is gorgeous red creme shade, but not very unique. My opinion about glitters is, that they're gorgeous, but they're so hard to apply in nice thin coats, because big glitters transfer very bad on nails. As you can see, I made thick and bad application with Evil Queen, because after one thin coat only one glitter was one nail. I also had to made two coats with Prince Charming, because after one coat only little glitters transfer on nail. The best in that case was The Huntsman, it was the most easy to apply big glitters with it on nails.

Which polishes from this trend edition are on your wish list?

Flowers On Yellow

I'm so bad, when it comes to titles of my blogposts. They are always so boring, but unfortunatelly manly I don't have good ideas. :( Again I was doing some nail art with polishes from Catrice Coolibri collection. This time I skipped Birds Flying High, because I didn't have any idea, what to do with the blue one and these colors were already enough.

I started with Twist Of Lemon. This yellow is a great nail art base. Then I took dotting tool and made flowers with Abloom and Exotica. I reversed color on each nail, it looks more fun that way. In the end I made dots with Virgin Forest between flowers. I think, it turned out great and I loved it on my nails. It looked very summery. I wore it on Monday, but I already removed it, because there are a lot of new nail polishes in my stash to try.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Sugar Spun Nails

Before I start with todays manicure, I want to show you a print screen, I took yesterday on my blog. I reached 666 followers. This is a devil number, but I think it doesn't mean anything devil to my blog. :) But of course I have to thank to all of you for following my blog, reading it and commenting on my posts.

Last week, when I was swatching Catrice polishes from Coolibri TE, I decided to do a nail art with them. I already had Birds Flying High on my nails, so I wanted to do a design with other four colors. Then I remembered this manicure, I saw on Mateji ustvarjata blog. The manicure is called sugar spun. I was watching a tutorial on youtube, how to do it, but I don't remember exactly which one it was, so I can't put a link here. But I found later, that Alexis Leight from did a video tutorial on her blog.

It's not my best manicure, I know. I didn't do it exactly as tutorial showed, because sometimes polish just didn't want to cooperate with me. I was using doting tool to put polish on nails. As you can see, the final result it's messy, but it was my first try. I'll definitely repeat it and try to do it better. I decided to show you this manicure, because I actually like, how messy it looks. It's looks like kids would be drawing on my nails. :)

Did you ever try sugar spun manicure? Do you think it's easy to do? Were you more successful than I was?