The winner of my nail art contest

The voting ended two days ago and I owe you an announcement of winner. The winner is: 



Also I'm giving a surprise award to MATEJA as a remembrance of a very special person to me, who said, she should be the winner, because she made the best manicure. I don't know, if this person still will be the part of my life or not, but it means a lot to me, so I have to give small award to Mateja too. I hope, you all understand.

Also thanks to all other girls, who participated in this contest. I would like to give an award to all of you, because I loved every singe manicure, but unfortunatelly I can't. 

And the winners manicure:

Ana Vidojević




11 komentarjev

  1. Super, čestitam obema! Ravno med tema dvema manikurama se nisem mogla odločiti. =)

  2. Čestitke Ani!
    Zaslužena pobjeda :) :*

  3. Thank you Tatjana! And thanks to everyone who voted for me! ^_____^ <3 I'm very happy. :] This is the first nail contest I won! :D

    Hvala svima koji su glasali za mene! ^^ <3 Hugs!

  4. Čestitke Ani! :)

    In hvala za presenečenje tebi in tej osebi! ;)

  5. Čestitke Ani,stvarno je rasturila sa ovom manikurom ;))