Summer Shoes

Few days ago I asked you on Facebook, if you want to see post with summer shoes I bought lately and a lot of you liked the idea. I bought one gladiator shoes and two wedges. I'm crazy about wedges with high heels.

First are green gladiator shoes with flower, I bought over the internet. The shop is called Princess Shop. The shoes were 14,90 €, but with postage I payed 19,90 € for them. Pretty cheap. They're very comfortable to wear and I adore them. They have zip in the back. I hope this one will be good long, because I had one gladiator shoes with zip, I bought last year in this store and the zip broke after two months.

These wedges are also from Princess Shop, but I got them as a gift. I wanted them from the moment I saw photo of them on Facebook. I adore this orange color. They costed 19,95 €. They were available in three different colors (black, blue, orange) and from now also in beige. The heel is 11,5 cm high. I still didn't wear them anywhere, because there still wasn't any occasion, but I think they'll be quite comfortable, as much as I can infer from short moments of trying them at home.

The last shoes are wedges from Deichmann. I bought them back in March I think. I felt in love with them, because they have gorgeous flower print and also flower in front. The heel is high 8 cm. They're very comfortable to wear. I bought them for 22,90 €.

I hope, you girls like this post. I photographed only shoes, because I didn't have anyone, who would photograph them on my feet. Tell me, which summer shoes did you buy lately?