Nail Art Contest Entries - Voting Starts Today

Yesterday ended my nail art contest and today I'm publishing all entries to this contest. 9 girls with beautiful manicures is cooperating in this contest and I'm so glad I don't need to pick a winner. The desicion would be too hard. First I'm going to show you all manicures and then in the end of the post I'll publish the rules. Some of those girls also have blogs. You can find their blogs under their name in this contest.

1. Željana Simić
"Inspiraciju sam pronašla u mojem prvom letu s Brnika za Tunis i mojem posjetu Sahari. Tako se našao avion, pogled u daljinu s palmama, Sahara i palme, zalazak sunca i pogled u beskrajno nebo i pijesak. Tehnika koju sam koristila je free hand art."

2. Ana Vidojević
"Putovanje u Afriku. Zalazak sunca, divlje zivotinje, ptice, piramide...! <3 ^^"

3. Nanethiel
"Since I was a little girl, my favorite show was Star Trek... I loved the idea of strange, new worlds and galaxies. Even today, I believe the most beautiful sight you can see in this world is the night sky, freckled with stars. I had the chance to go to Egypt last year, and the only thing there, more beautiful then the pyramids, majestic and limitless, was the night sky. Hence my theme for this manicure."

4. Suzi
"I tried to do motive of High Tatras Skyline. That was the best holiday in my life and I really love this place in our country."

5. Ina
"My inspiration was Transylvania, which I plan to visit someday :)  On my nails is the Bran Castle, also known as "Dracula's Castle." Stone brick walls base with sponged red and black for the blood. My castle is completed with some ivy growing on it."

6. Valentina
"This manicure is my interpretation of raindrops on roses :)"

7. Katiee*
"Izbrala sem si Francijo in Eiffel tower :) Tam sem že bila in bilo je čudovito. Moja manikura predstavlja francosko zastavo in Eifflov stolp. Tehnika, ki sem jo uporabila je sponging, dodala pa sem še nekaj bleščic za bolj dramatičen izgled :)"

8. Yasinisi
"I didn't want to do something obvious like Eiffel tower of the palm trees, so I decided to try something else. Hope anyone can tell that my inspiration was the Rapa Nui island with its amazing moai statues.. It was difficult to pain the details on such a small nail, but I did my best.. :)"

9. Mateja
"I've decided to do a simple manicure that reminds me of my favorite seaside place - Umag (Croatia). I love it and I've been there for at least 10 times. One year I bought a painting there on my last day and it shows Umag at night time - all the blues and purples mix together and it calms me down and makes me wish I'd go there this year too. ;) So I used it as an inspiration and this is what came out of it."

The rules:
1. One person one vote.
2. If you want to vote, you have to be visible GFC follower of my blog. In the comment below write your GFC name and the number or the name of the girl, that your giving your vote to. With this kind of voting I want to give to all the girls the same chances.
3. If there will be two manicures with the same number of votes in the end of voting, I'll decide, which manicure will win. 
4. Voting starts today and ends on 7. 5. at Midnight (CET).
5. The girls can publish their manicures on their blog from now on and they can ask people to vote for them, but remember - they have to be visible GFC followers of my blog. 

I think you agree with me, that the girls did a great job. I have to say, that I love all the manicures and for me it would be very hard to decide, which one will win. So, my dear followers, you decide, which one you like the most and vote for her.

I wish all the girls good luck.

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  1. They're all super gorgeous but #1 really stole my heart! ♥

  2. wow, awesome manicures... but since we can choose only one, my vote goes to #2

  3. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  4. Čudovite stvaritve, ampak ker lahko izberem samo eno bo to #2

  5. GFC-Sue.
    I love them all but #2's colors are gorgeous.

  6. GFC - Daliborka Vidojevic
    Vote for #2

  7. GFC - Hema
    Vote for #2

    Love them all. Gorgeous designs.

  8. Wow, they're all great!! Good job, ladies :) Hard to choose only one!
    Well, then #2 !
    GFC - Theodora R.

  9. Meni je pa najbolj všeč #9! =)

  10. *2
    Ana Vidojevic

    Definitivno mi je najlljepša :)
    GFC: Let's polish some nails

  11. Vse so čudovite, ampak najljubša mi je pa zadnja, številka 9

  12. Glas za 2. Ana Vidojević ... AWESOME

    1. Tatjana his gfc is Gianni. Sorry a lot of people would like to vote for me but this blog-thing is too complicated! :D Sorry. :]

    2. I'm sorry, if you think so, but I didn't want to, that someone will have 500 votes and someone none, cuz only annonimous people would vote, people that will only once visit my blog. I really want, that my followers will choose a winner, people, who read my blog, and they'll give a prize to someone they think is the best.

    3. I totally understand. So this vote is invalid?

  13. GFC: Ina
    I vote for number 3 (Nanethiel)

  14. GFC: Zmej

    I vote for 2. Ana Vidojević

  15. Br. 2 :). Ana Vidojevic. Prelepo je odradila posao :)