Monthly Hauls - April

It's May and it's time, that I take a look back and see, how many polishes did I buy over the month. I have to say, I'm very proud at myself, because I bought only 7 polishes (one of them is a scented TC) and 3 of them, from Soul Sista TE, were a gift.

Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day ...
Essence Fruity Banana Joe
Essence Fruity Peach Beauty
Essence Fruity Very Cherry 
Essence Fruity Scented top coat

Essence Rebels Rebelizer
Catrice Revoltaire Innocent Toxin 

These two are very similar shades. I mada a comparison between them,I'll publish it soon.

Essence Soul Sista Chilled Orange
Essence Soul Sista Totally Retro Nude
Essence Soul Sista Mojito Green 

How many polishes did you buy in April?

6 komentarjev

  1. Don't ask I'm afraid to count them :D

  2. Oooo I need to go look up swatches of Peach Beauty and Very Cherry now. I don't count how many I buy, it's easier to pretend I didn't that way haha.

    1. Haha, I know, but in the end, when you have them to many and a half of them untried, you started to asking, how much did you buy them this month, if you still didn't use them more than a half. :D

  3. Essence Soul Sista Totally Retro Nude se mi zdi odtenek vreden greha ;)

    1. Jaz sem ga zadnjič ravno probala, ampak mi nekako ne leži. Nisem glih "nude" tip.