Kabuki Brush From Essence Soul Sista TE

Yes, another post today. Well, it depends how you take it. It's over Midnight, but for me it's still the same day. Tommorow will it be for me, when I'll woke up. ;) Well, enought rambling. I wanted to write another post with short review about kabuki brush from Essence trend edition Soul Sista. I'm really impresed with this brush and I'm in love with it. It's so soft and dense, it's perfect for applying powder. This is a must have product from this TE. I don't know, if this product will be still available anywhere in Slovenia (till now only Müller's have this collection), but if in others countries you still didn't get this collection and you will, get this brush. It great and cheap. I think it's aroud 4 or 5 €. I'm not sure, my BF bought it and I don't have a bill. I think this product Essence should have in their regular assortiment.

Did you buy this  brush or are you planning to do so, when this TE will come to your country?