Comparison: Lime/Acid Green

Today I have for you a comparison post, like I promised. I compared some lime/acid green polishes, I have in my stash. Two of them are from past Catrice and Essence limited edition collection. I compared: Essence Rebels Rebelizer, Catrice ACid/DC, Catrice Revoltaire Innocent Toxin and Essence C&G Lime Up.

All of the polishes have good appliction and need 2 coats to be opaque. They are all very close, but none is a dupe. The biggest difference between them is in finish. Rebelizer has a satin finish with shimmer and Lime up is the only polish without shimmer. Innocent Toxin has almost invisible shimmer. Rebelizer looks, like it has a touch of yellow in it and ACid/DC has more green in it than all others. In the bottles the difference between them isn't that visible and someone, who isn't a nail polish freak, probably wouldn't notice it even on nails. Both Catrice polishes have a new Catrice brush, which is wider. Some of your don't like it, but it works for me. Rebelizer has a small brush and Lime Up has flat brush as all Color&Go polishes.

I can conclude, that I don't need all four polishes, although there aren't any dupes. My favourite is ACid/DC, this one I'm going to use the most on my nails this spring and summer. Which one do you like the most?