Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo

I'm not a big fan of grey polishes, but when this one was discontinued, my Julia had to have a partner. I tried it immediately and I actually did like it on my nails. Romeo is a grey cream shade. It's very good pigmented and its application is flawless. Here I used 2 coats. It's very pitty, that Essence discontinued Nail Art Twins polished, because they have a great formula.

Do you have it? What do you think about it?

Empty #2

I haven't done this post for a long long time. I did end a lot of products, but I throw them away, before I would take a photo. But now I finished more products at once and decided to review them quickly for you.

1. Balea Trend It Up Dry Shampoo - My hair can be fatty fast and I don't want to wash them every day, so dry shampoo is a good salvation by that. This Balea dry shampoo is great, it makes hair look fresh and shiny for some time. Although I don't like a smell, it's strange and very strong. I don't know exact price, it's around 2 or 3 €. I recommend you to get it, if you're like me and don't want to wash your hair every day. It's available in DM.

2. Ebelin Nail Polish Remover - I won't say, this is a best polish remover, that I've try, because it's not. It drys my cuticles like crazy. But it removes nail polish very good, even glitters. I love to use it, specially when I'm doing more swatches in one day, because it's cheap. It contains 125 ml of products and it costs less then 1 €. I'm always buying this one, because I use a lot of nail polish remover.

3. Balea Handlotion Sheabutter and Vanille - I'm in love with this product. It makes my hands so soft and it mousturizes them perfectly. Unfortunatelly this is a limited edition product. It was sold in DM's in winter. Last winter I tried it for the first time and I loved it, so this winter I bought two. Now I'm using second bottle. It contains 300 ml of product. I don't remember the exact price, but if this winter will be still available, I'll definitely buy it again.

4. Balea Aqua Serum - my must have product for my face. I already wrote a review here. Definitely product I recommend.

5. Misslyn Rich Color Gloss Papaya Punch - pigmentation, smell, function - everything it's great. It's a bit pricey, but worth buying. You can read my review here.

6. Schauma Repair & Pflege Fluid - this is a hair product, that  I love. Its purpose is to repair dry and damaged hair. I use it, after I dry my hair with a towel. I do not wash it out. It makes my hair soft and shiny. It contains 150 ml and it last long. The price is around 3 €.

I'm so sorry, that I don't know the exact prices for these products, but I throw away the bills, when I bought  new products. But none of them is really expensive.

Do you use any of these products or will you use them in the future? What do oyu think about them?

Catrice Plum Play With Me

It's time for some plum today. This is Catrice Plum Play With Me. It's a plum cream shade. The formula is great, it's very easy to apply. For this swatch I used 2 coats. Unfortunatelly this is a discontinued polish. I made these swatches, when it was still available, but I just didn't have a chance to publish them before. If you like this polish, I can't say to you, which one is very similar to it, because in my stash I don't have a dupe to it, I think. 

Do you have it? Do you like it?

NYX Girls Boho

Another NYX Girls polish for you today. This one is called Boho. It's green shimmery shade with great application, but it has one minus. It stains nails. My nails were green for few days, before it was gone. I wore it only once, beause that doesn't give me a will to wear it. Here I used two coats. 

What do you think about it? If you have it, did it stained your nails too?

NYX Girls Lapis

This is one of older swatches, made few months ago. I have to clean up my unpublished folder, before I start swatching all polishes, I haven't show you yet, otherwise I'll never publish some of those swatches, I already made. I love this polish very much, is my favourite from NYX Girls polishes, I bought in Moja drogerija back in Januar. It's a blue cream shade, very easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats. It reminds me on Essence Forget Me Not from Blossoms etc... TE, which is great, because this is one of my favourite polishes and don't want to use it to much, because I don't want to empty it. This one doesn't have a shimmer, but the color is very close, so I'm happy to have it. And NYX Girls polishes are great, I love their formula. Tomorrow I'll probably show you another their polish I swatched, a Boho.

Birthday NOTD

This is going to be a quick post, because I have to go back to studying for my Tuesday's exam. I want to show you my birthday manicure from yesterday. I didn't know, what to do on my nails, because I wanted something special and then I remember on one of most beautiful polishes in my stash - BeYu 209. I decided to do a manicure with it. First I applied 2 coast of Essence Stairway To Heaven, then added 1 coat of BeYu 209 and in the end I sponged Essence Just Can't Get Enough on my tips. I was amazed, how beautiful it looked in RL. I decided to keep it on for few day, till it chips. I have few photos for you, although they don't make justice to this manicure. It looks so much better in RL. BeYu 209 it's just an amating polish.

I hope, you like it. ;)

NOTD: Sparkly Gradient

I'm wearing green on my nails. Now you already know, that I adore green nails. During studying for my exams I enjoy doing my nails. I was in the mood for some gradient. All girls in blogosphere are doing gradient nails lately. This is like plague, that spreads around blogosphere.  

Polishes, I used for this manicure, you can see on first photo: Ulta3 Kiwi Kaos, Chian Glaze Zombie Zest and Essence Edward.  I love final result, it's so sparkly nad it looks gorgeous in RL.

This manicure is going down tomorrow morning, because I'm doing some birthday nails. Yes, I'm having birthday tommorow. I'm not very happy because of that. I'm turning 24 and I already feel so old. How it's going to be, when I'll be 30 or more?

Kabuki Brush From Essence Soul Sista TE

Yes, another post today. Well, it depends how you take it. It's over Midnight, but for me it's still the same day. Tommorow will it be for me, when I'll woke up. ;) Well, enought rambling. I wanted to write another post with short review about kabuki brush from Essence trend edition Soul Sista. I'm really impresed with this brush and I'm in love with it. It's so soft and dense, it's perfect for applying powder. This is a must have product from this TE. I don't know, if this product will be still available anywhere in Slovenia (till now only Müller's have this collection), but if in others countries you still didn't get this collection and you will, get this brush. It great and cheap. I think it's aroud 4 or 5 €. I'm not sure, my BF bought it and I don't have a bill. I think this product Essence should have in their regular assortiment.

Did you buy this  brush or are you planning to do so, when this TE will come to your country?

Review: Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer

Today I have for you a review of Essence Forget it! 3 in 1 Concealer. This is the first concealer, I've tried and I bought it, because it has 3 color and each has it's own function. I have mix thoughts about this concealer. I've read some reviews, where girls were loving this product, but for me this isn't a great product.

It has three colors: pink for circles around eyes, beige against blemishes and green against redness. The formula is creamy and they're easy to blend. They're not very pigmented, so they can be built on after application. If you need more coverage, you can apply more product, if less then less product. When they dry, they can gave a bit drying effect. I noticed that specially under my eyes. The packaging is in plactic covering with lid. It cames up with basic information on sticker in a back of packaging. It contains 3,5 g of product. The price is around 3,5 €. I dont remember exactly, I have it for I long time and I throw away the bill.

I have a normal skin and I don't have big problems with it, any acnes or redness are very rare on my skin. That's why I mostly use pink part. I use it under my eyes after I apply foundation. Although it's pink, it doesn't look unnatural, if I don't apply it to many. I don't have very dark cirkles, so it coveres them nice, but the problems is, that it doesn't last long. After some time it creases. I also tried green part, which is actually more bright blue, around my nose, where I can have some problem with redness, but I didn't notice, it would help. Elsewhere I don't have problems with redness. I use beige on blemishes sometimes, but not always, because I think, it doesn't covered them enough. 

It's not very expensive product, but because I mostly use only one part, I think it was a miss product to me. Did you try this concealer? What do you think about it?

Review and Swatches: Essence Soul Sista TE Nail Polishes

Today I have for you swatches of 3 nail polishes from Essence Soul Sista trend edition. They were a gift from my boyfriend. I have them for two weeks now and I made swatches some time ago, I hope I'm not late with this publication (I don't know, if they're still availale anywere). They're nice polishes, application of all was ok. They contain 8 ml of polish.

Mojito Green is my favourite from this TE. It's teal shade with golden shimmer. I don't know why, but my camera couldn't capture it's true color. In RL is more green. I used 2 coats.

Torally Retro Nude is a nude shade with golden shimmer. I actually asked my BF to bring me this one, because I have little nude polishes. Well, I didn't like it very much, when I put it on and I made nail art over it. I probably won't wear it alone, it just doesn't go together with my skintone. I used 2 coats.

Chilled Orange is an orange creme shade with hint of yellow. This is my kinf of color for spring and summer. I used 2 coats. 

What do you think about this collection? Did you get anything from it?


Today I have for you a manicure, that I made a day, before I went on holidays two weeks ago. First I didn't know, whit which colow should I paint my nails and then Lidija suggested on Twitter, that I should paint them in yellow. I wasn't sure, if I'm in the mood for yellow or not, but then my BF brought me 3 nail polishes from Essence Soul Sista TE and I decided to wear orange one. I didn't want to wear it alone, so I made some dots. 

For this manicure I used: Essence Soul Sista Chilled Orange, Beauty Line Deluxe 2, Essence Fruity Peach Beauty and Essence Marble Mania Peaches

It's very simple, but also very cute. And orange is of course a color, I really like.

What do you think about this manicure? Do you prefer wearing only one color or a nail art?

Summer Shoes

Few days ago I asked you on Facebook, if you want to see post with summer shoes I bought lately and a lot of you liked the idea. I bought one gladiator shoes and two wedges. I'm crazy about wedges with high heels.

First are green gladiator shoes with flower, I bought over the internet. The shop is called Princess Shop. The shoes were 14,90 €, but with postage I payed 19,90 € for them. Pretty cheap. They're very comfortable to wear and I adore them. They have zip in the back. I hope this one will be good long, because I had one gladiator shoes with zip, I bought last year in this store and the zip broke after two months.

These wedges are also from Princess Shop, but I got them as a gift. I wanted them from the moment I saw photo of them on Facebook. I adore this orange color. They costed 19,95 €. They were available in three different colors (black, blue, orange) and from now also in beige. The heel is 11,5 cm high. I still didn't wear them anywhere, because there still wasn't any occasion, but I think they'll be quite comfortable, as much as I can infer from short moments of trying them at home.

The last shoes are wedges from Deichmann. I bought them back in March I think. I felt in love with them, because they have gorgeous flower print and also flower in front. The heel is high 8 cm. They're very comfortable to wear. I bought them for 22,90 €.

I hope, you girls like this post. I photographed only shoes, because I didn't have anyone, who would photograph them on my feet. Tell me, which summer shoes did you buy lately?

The winner of my nail art contest

The voting ended two days ago and I owe you an announcement of winner. The winner is: 



Also I'm giving a surprise award to MATEJA as a remembrance of a very special person to me, who said, she should be the winner, because she made the best manicure. I don't know, if this person still will be the part of my life or not, but it means a lot to me, so I have to give small award to Mateja too. I hope, you all understand.

Also thanks to all other girls, who participated in this contest. I would like to give an award to all of you, because I loved every singe manicure, but unfortunatelly I can't. 

And the winners manicure:

Ana Vidojević




Comparison: Lime/Acid Green

Today I have for you a comparison post, like I promised. I compared some lime/acid green polishes, I have in my stash. Two of them are from past Catrice and Essence limited edition collection. I compared: Essence Rebels Rebelizer, Catrice ACid/DC, Catrice Revoltaire Innocent Toxin and Essence C&G Lime Up.

All of the polishes have good appliction and need 2 coats to be opaque. They are all very close, but none is a dupe. The biggest difference between them is in finish. Rebelizer has a satin finish with shimmer and Lime up is the only polish without shimmer. Innocent Toxin has almost invisible shimmer. Rebelizer looks, like it has a touch of yellow in it and ACid/DC has more green in it than all others. In the bottles the difference between them isn't that visible and someone, who isn't a nail polish freak, probably wouldn't notice it even on nails. Both Catrice polishes have a new Catrice brush, which is wider. Some of your don't like it, but it works for me. Rebelizer has a small brush and Lime Up has flat brush as all Color&Go polishes.

I can conclude, that I don't need all four polishes, although there aren't any dupes. My favourite is ACid/DC, this one I'm going to use the most on my nails this spring and summer. Which one do you like the most?

Monthly Hauls - April

It's May and it's time, that I take a look back and see, how many polishes did I buy over the month. I have to say, I'm very proud at myself, because I bought only 7 polishes (one of them is a scented TC) and 3 of them, from Soul Sista TE, were a gift.

Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day ...
Essence Fruity Banana Joe
Essence Fruity Peach Beauty
Essence Fruity Very Cherry 
Essence Fruity Scented top coat

Essence Rebels Rebelizer
Catrice Revoltaire Innocent Toxin 

These two are very similar shades. I mada a comparison between them,I'll publish it soon.

Essence Soul Sista Chilled Orange
Essence Soul Sista Totally Retro Nude
Essence Soul Sista Mojito Green 

How many polishes did you buy in April?

Preview: Spring Challenge

Today just a quick post, which is going to be a preview of all my manicures for Spring Challenge. I have to say, I'm quite satisfied with nail arts, I did for this challenge. I can decide, which one is my favourite. What do you say, which one do you like the most?

Nail Art Contest Entries - Voting Starts Today

Yesterday ended my nail art contest and today I'm publishing all entries to this contest. 9 girls with beautiful manicures is cooperating in this contest and I'm so glad I don't need to pick a winner. The desicion would be too hard. First I'm going to show you all manicures and then in the end of the post I'll publish the rules. Some of those girls also have blogs. You can find their blogs under their name in this contest.

1. Željana Simić
"Inspiraciju sam pronašla u mojem prvom letu s Brnika za Tunis i mojem posjetu Sahari. Tako se našao avion, pogled u daljinu s palmama, Sahara i palme, zalazak sunca i pogled u beskrajno nebo i pijesak. Tehnika koju sam koristila je free hand art."

2. Ana Vidojević
"Putovanje u Afriku. Zalazak sunca, divlje zivotinje, ptice, piramide...! <3 ^^"

3. Nanethiel
"Since I was a little girl, my favorite show was Star Trek... I loved the idea of strange, new worlds and galaxies. Even today, I believe the most beautiful sight you can see in this world is the night sky, freckled with stars. I had the chance to go to Egypt last year, and the only thing there, more beautiful then the pyramids, majestic and limitless, was the night sky. Hence my theme for this manicure."

4. Suzi
"I tried to do motive of High Tatras Skyline. That was the best holiday in my life and I really love this place in our country."

5. Ina
"My inspiration was Transylvania, which I plan to visit someday :)  On my nails is the Bran Castle, also known as "Dracula's Castle." Stone brick walls base with sponged red and black for the blood. My castle is completed with some ivy growing on it."

6. Valentina
"This manicure is my interpretation of raindrops on roses :)"

7. Katiee*
"Izbrala sem si Francijo in Eiffel tower :) Tam sem že bila in bilo je čudovito. Moja manikura predstavlja francosko zastavo in Eifflov stolp. Tehnika, ki sem jo uporabila je sponging, dodala pa sem še nekaj bleščic za bolj dramatičen izgled :)"

8. Yasinisi
"I didn't want to do something obvious like Eiffel tower of the palm trees, so I decided to try something else. Hope anyone can tell that my inspiration was the Rapa Nui island with its amazing moai statues.. It was difficult to pain the details on such a small nail, but I did my best.. :)"

9. Mateja
"I've decided to do a simple manicure that reminds me of my favorite seaside place - Umag (Croatia). I love it and I've been there for at least 10 times. One year I bought a painting there on my last day and it shows Umag at night time - all the blues and purples mix together and it calms me down and makes me wish I'd go there this year too. ;) So I used it as an inspiration and this is what came out of it."

The rules:
1. One person one vote.
2. If you want to vote, you have to be visible GFC follower of my blog. In the comment below write your GFC name and the number or the name of the girl, that your giving your vote to. With this kind of voting I want to give to all the girls the same chances.
3. If there will be two manicures with the same number of votes in the end of voting, I'll decide, which manicure will win. 
4. Voting starts today and ends on 7. 5. at Midnight (CET).
5. The girls can publish their manicures on their blog from now on and they can ask people to vote for them, but remember - they have to be visible GFC followers of my blog. 

I think you agree with me, that the girls did a great job. I have to say, that I love all the manicures and for me it would be very hard to decide, which one will win. So, my dear followers, you decide, which one you like the most and vote for her.

I wish all the girls good luck.