Tutorial: Flower

Today I have for you a quick tutorial, how a did a flower for a second task in a Spring challenge. I haven't do a tutorial for a very long time. It's very easy and quick tutorial. I'm very bad in describing, so I hope, you'll understand my tutorial. But the photos can speak for themselfs, I think they're very understandable. Here I used the same polishes as I did for the challenge.

Step 1: Apply a polish of your choise to make it as a base for nail art.
Step 2: Then use a yellow polish and make a dot in the middle of nail or anywere else, depends where you want to draw a flower.
Step 3: Choose a nail polish, that you want to draw a flower with and drop few drops on paper. Take a brush and draw flower around yellow dot. You can also use a nail art nail polishes, if you have them.
Step 4: Take a black polish or any other polish, if you like, and go around flower with it. The procedure is the same as by step 4, you can drop few drops on paper and use nail art brush or you can use nail art polish.
Step 5: Take a brighter polish in same color as you use it for a flower and sponge it in the middle of the flower. That will gave a flower a fading effect. For the challenge I also draw two black dots in the middle of the flower, but this is an optional step.
Step 6: Wait few minutes, that design will be dry and the use a top coat to protect you nail art.

And, voila, your manicure is done. :)

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  1. Great tutorial! You should do more of them ;)

  2. Super tutorial! Tele rožice preprosto morem sprobat =)

  3. The fading effect made all the difference. It hardly noticeable but it gives a 3d effect. Great tutorial. Thanks so much.

  4. Joj, rožice! Moram sprobat, obvezno!

  5. This is so cute!! :D Wonderful tutorial, and lovely nails!!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments. I'm glad, that you like my tutorial. :)

  7. Kako fora! Moram probati ovo! :D

    Niki (http://niki-veki.blogspot.com)

  8. Meni se zdi ideja o tutorialu super, me pa zanima kateri je ta čudovit, sivkin bazni lak?