Spring Challenge: Rainbow

It's time for the last task in Spring Challenge. I'm kinda sad, that is over, because it was very fun and interesting challenge and I enjoyed doing it. I'll do a post with all my manicures, so you'll see them in one place.
The last task was rainbow and for this one we had to use at least 4 colors. In the end I used them 8. I though a lot, what to do for this task - gradient, dots, should I use tape ... In the end I decided to draw on each finger a different rainbow. First I used blue polish for sky, then white polish to draw some clouds. In the end I did different designs of rainbow on each nail. I wasn't very satisfied with manicure, but I didn't have time to do another one. Also, I have to change TC, because this one started to make bubbles on nails. 

Polishes, I used for this design:
- Essence You Rock Speed Of Light Blue (as a base)
- Essence B&W Whipe Out (for cluds)
- Rimmel Lively Lilac
- Beauty UK Urban Girl Green
- Beauty Uk Urban Girl Blue
- Claire's 96784
- Orly Old School Orange
- Orly Retro Red

This is a sheduled post, so I'll answer on all your comments, when I'll come home from vacation. Tell me, what you think of this manicure.

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8 komentarjev

  1. Awww! :3 It's so cute! ^_^ I wanted to do something similar. :3

  2. wow, tvoja je duga zanimljivija od moje :-D
    i ja sam tužna što ovaj izazov završava... ne znam odakle mi sad ideja za manikuru ;-)

  3. Beautiful, I wanted something similar, but it was unsuccessful. I like how yours turned out :)

  4. These are super cute and happy! I love how each nail is different, it really makes the mani stand out.