Spring Challenge: Love and Life

Today I'm starting with another challenge, that was created by Mateja from Purple Glitters. This time main theme is spring - Spring Challenge. You can read more about this challenge and the rules here.

The challenge for the first day is called Love and Life. The trick is, we can use 4 different color combinations with 2 main colors and each we can use once. For first challenge I decided to use pink and green. Unfortunately we have crappy weather outside and my green looks more like blue. But its green. :) I used more then these two colors to show, what I had in mind for this manicure.

My manual inspiration was life, how everything is waking up in spring, growing, flowering ... My index and little finger show meadow, where everything is flowering. Colored dots represent different flowers. My ring finger show branches, that are blossoming. For middle finger I lost inspiration and didn't know, what to do, so I draw a heart to represent love.  

The polishes, I used for this manicure:
- Rimmel Misty Jade
- Jesse's Girl Cupcake Frosting
- Vollare 136
- Beauty UK Urban Child blue
- Essence Watermarble Peachy
- Rimmel Lively Lilac

I think this one turned out great, I'm very satisfied with it. What do you think?

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24 komentarjev

  1. This is AMAZING, I love It! ^______^ <3

  2. Čudovita manikura! Najbolj mi je všeč prstanec.

    1. Hvala. Meni tudi, se mi zdi, da mi je prav lepo uspel. :)

  3. Wow, this is just fantastic! I admire your nail art skills :O :D

  4. Nicely done. I love the pink and green combination.

  5. bravo, posebno mi se sviđa rascvjetana grana :-D

  6. Ful si lepo nrdila!! In da maš tolko potrpljenja..js ponavadi dam gor samo en lak in to je to. še nadlak mi je extra step. toliko o moji lenobi do lakiranja :D


    1. Jaz zelo uživam v nail artu, tako da si kar vzamem čas in naredim kaj lepega. :) Največkrat sem pa tudi tako, da nalakiran nohte, dam hitro sušeči nadlak in to je to. :)

  7. Zelo lepa manikura =). ŠE posebej mi je všeč ceja s cveti, res je fuuuul dobro izpadla =). barvna kombinacija je pa za dol past, mislim da nebi mogla boljših barv skupaj skombinirat =)

  8. Great color. Love the design.

  9. So beautiful. I adore the differences of each nail. Creative and lovely!

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments. :) I'm glad, that you like this nail art. :D

  11. I told you that before: I love this mani! The colors go so well together and I just love the ring finger!! :D