Spring Challenge: Fruit and Dots

It's time for third task in Spring challenge. This time the theme is Fruit and dots. When I first heared for this challenge, I knew I'm going to do cherrys, because they're my favourite spring fruit. I decided to use green and yellow color combination. In cherry are both tasks united - fruit and dots.
When I was doing this manicure yesterday, I have been throught all weather circumstances, I think. When I started doing this manicure, it was cloudy with some sun beam, then it started to thunder, then raining like cats and dogs and when I finished it, it was sunny like there would never be a rain. It was very interesting. In the end I take advantage of the sun and made some photos of my nail art. I'm very satisfied with it, it looks even better than I imagined it in my head.

Polishes, I used:
- Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day
- Claire's 96784 (yellow)
- Essence So Glamourous
- Essence B&W White Hype
- Essence A Walk In The Park

I hope, you like it. I also made some photos during creating this nail art. Would you like to see a tutorial?

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