Spring Challenge: Bugs

It's already time for fourt task in Spring challenge. Just another one and then we're done. The time passes by so fast. Todays theme are Bugs. I actually didn't have a lot to think, what I'm going to do, because I already did a bee and a ladybug. I didn't want to repeat myself, so I did a butterfly. I saw this design on many blogs and I loved it. I wanted to try it and now I finally got a stimulation to do it. The color combination, I used, is pink and orange, the only one that left. I do like this color combination, although I'm not very satisfied with final result, because I used a brush, that made too thicker lines. If they would be thinner, the design would probably look better.

Polishes, I used for this manicure:
- Essence BBC Orange Sunset
- Jesse's Girl Cupcake Frosting
- Vollare 136
- Essence Nail Art Stamp Me! White

It looks like I did some bad cleaning on my index finger. Ignore that.

And one photo in shadow with moms beautiful flowers. They are called "mačehe" in slovenian. I think they're called "pansy" in english.

Check out other girls, what they did for todays task:
Mateja from Purple Glitters

14 komentarjev

  1. Oh gosh they are really nice! Such a creative spin on the theme. x

  2. This is really pretty!! Gorgeous colour combo! :D

  3. krasni su :-D
    nekako mi se čini da ćemo danas vidjeti prilično leptira ;-D

  4. Thank you for all sweet comments. I'm glad, that you like my manicure. :)

  5. Looks so pretty. Love the photograph with flowers. Beautiful design.

  6. i love butterfly nails, yours came out great

  7. I really like them as is! Very good job.

  8. These came out great!! It's funny we both did butterflies with the same colors and we both had problems with brushes haha Love them!

  9. Beautiful pictures and design! :] Very springy.