Spring Challenge: Bugs

It's already time for fourt task in Spring challenge. Just another one and then we're done. The time passes by so fast. Todays theme are Bugs. I actually didn't have a lot to think, what I'm going to do, because I already did a bee and a ladybug. I didn't want to repeat myself, so I did a butterfly. I saw this design on many blogs and I loved it. I wanted to try it and now I finally got a stimulation to do it. The color combination, I used, is pink and orange, the only one that left. I do like this color combination, although I'm not very satisfied with final result, because I used a brush, that made too thicker lines. If they would be thinner, the design would probably look better.

Polishes, I used for this manicure:
- Essence BBC Orange Sunset
- Jesse's Girl Cupcake Frosting
- Vollare 136
- Essence Nail Art Stamp Me! White

It looks like I did some bad cleaning on my index finger. Ignore that.

And one photo in shadow with moms beautiful flowers. They are called "mačehe" in slovenian. I think they're called "pansy" in english.

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