Review and Swatches: IsaDora set (lipstick, gloss, nail polish)

I usually don't buy Isadora cosmetics, because it's pretty expensive by us, so I had to used this opportunity and buy Isadora set with jelly lipstick, jelly gloss and nail polish for 9,89 €. This is a great deal, if you ask me. There were sets with different nail polishes and I was thinking a lot, which nail polish should I get, but in the end I decided for bright green one. In my set were a lipstick Coral Punch, a lipgloss Water Melon and a nail polish Bonbon Mint.

My first impression with lipstick and lipgloss is great. Both have great texture.

72 Water Melon - is a jelly red gloss, that is translucent on lips and don't give them red color, only a lot of shine. I adore this gloss. I love, that it mousturizes my lips and it doesn't stick them together, as some others lipglosses do. The brush is great, it makes application very easy. It's also perfect for layering over some lipstick, because it gaves lips a great shine. 

57 Coral Punch - is a pink jelly lipstick, that's sheer and shiny on lips. It's not real an opaque lipstick, it's more a combination between a gloss and a lipstick. If you are more a person, that likes only a bit of colored touch on lips, this is a great lipstick for you. The packaging is also great, it has a magnet, which makes sure, that the tube is good closed. The only thing that bothers me, is the smell. It has strange sweet smell, that is very unpleasant to me.

Swathes of both on lips:

Bonbon Mint is first Isadora polish, that I've tried. They cost around 9 € by us (I don't know exact price), but that's a lot for 6 ml of nail polish. This polish has wide brush, which I like, because it makes application more easy, at least to me.

Bonbon Mint is a bright green shade with silver shimmer, that looks amazing on nails. I was just staring at my nails, when I first applied it. It looked so much better, than I expected. Here I used 2 coats.

What do you think about these products? Do you have any Isadora product? Do you like them?