Review and Swatches: Essence Fruity TE Nail Polishes

Today I have for you swatches from Essence Fruity TE collection. I found a whole display, but because I was in a hurry, I took only nail polishes. I got all of them, but I decided to give Mashed Berries in prize for my nail art contest. I'm not a big pink lover, as you know. 
I also decided to try scented top coat. It's called Smells like strawberry... It's not bad, it contains shimmer and it smells pleasant, cuz the smell isn't very strong, but I got so use to fast drying top coat, that this one drys to long for me. And the other thing is, that it ruins nail art, so I'll probably use it rarely.
These polishes don't have names on bottles, so I had to search for promo photos to know, what their names are.

01 Banana Joe is a bright yellow shimmery shade. I expected a pastel yellow, so I was surprised, when I noticed, that it has shimmer in it. The application was easy. It's very sheer, I had to use three coats to make it opaque and as you can see, the nail line is still visible. But I do like, how it looks on my nails and I think it's perfect yellow shade for spring, specially for those ones, who like bright colors. It's also a perfect base for stamping or a nail art.

02 Peach Beauty is a peachy cream shade. This one is also a bit more sheer. For this swatch I used two thick coats. If I would use thin coats, I would probably need three. This is another great shade for spring. 

03 Very Cherry is a reddish pink shade with purple glitter. I really like the concept of this polish, although it remind me more on strawberries because of the glitter. I already wore this one as a whole manicure, but it chipped after one day, so this isn't a big plus for it. For this swatch I used two coats.

04 One Kiwi A Day is a bright green shade with dark green glitter. This one is my favourite from whole collection. It's a very unique polish in my stash. And a big plus is, that's very easy to remove, although it has glitter in it (the same with Very Cherry). I love when I don't need to use a foil for glitter. One Kiwi A Day and Very Cherry have a great application, they apply like butter. For this swatch I used two coats. 

 What do you think about this Essence trend edition? Did you get anything from it?