NOTD: Yellow spring nails

I was planning to post a review today, but when I ended up doing this manicure, I knew, I have to show it to you. I was just doing something random to my nails, but in the end I loved the result. I was so in the mood for yellow on my nails today, because it was raining. 

As a base color I used Essence Wall of Fame from Urban Messages TE. Then I made different designs on my nails: on ring finger and thumb I free-hand made leopard print with Essence Peaches from Water Marble TE and Black Out from Black&White TE. On my pinkie I sponged the tip with Essence One Kiwi a Day. On my middle finger I made white stripes with Vollare 117. And on my index finger I applied I coat of Kiko 231.

I like this manicure very much. I'm satisfied with it. What do you think?

10 komentarjev

  1. Super mi je ovaj animal print,svi nešto u zadnje vrijeme rade te printove,pa sam i ja probala,ali tvoj je puno ljepše ispao od moga,prekrasne su mi boje koje si upotrijebila ;))

  2. Wow, nikoli si nisem mislila, da me bodo rumeni nohti tako prevzeli =). Res izgleda lepo, in popolnoma spomladansko =).
    Če bi se odločila za samo en noht, bi ostalim naredila krivico =)

  3. Thank you all for your sweet comments. :)