Nail Art Contest

Yay, I have some exciting news for you. On Saturday I reached 600 followers and I think this is a great occasion to celebrate. Few weeks ago I was asking on FB, if you would prefer a giveaway or a nail art contest, when I reach this number, and all girls answer, they would prefer a nail art contest. So, to say thank you to all, who is following my blog, I'm opening a nail art contest today. I was thinking a lot about the theme and I had few ideas, but in the end I decided, the theme will be:


You can draw on your nails everything, that that word means to you: your favourite holiday place, city, sightseeing ... 

The prize:
- Sleek Curacao palette
- Catrice Nympheria Be Pool
- Essence Water Marble Silver Twister
- Essence Fruity Scented top coat
- Essence FruityMashed Berries
- Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Iris Bon Bon
- Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Emerald Bijoux
- Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Electric Blue Jeans

- 1 entry per person.
- The manicure must be done on your own nails. False or gel nails are not allowed.
- You have to include at least 4 nails.
- You can use any tehnique you like (free hand, stamping, sponging, water marble ...), but no stickers, water decails etc.
- This contest is open international to everyone.
- You have time till 30. 4. 2012 at 24.00 (CET) to send me the photo of your manicure. The photo must contain analog signature/a paper with your name and inscription "For Taya's contest". Photo may not contain any URL adress.
- You must send me your manicure on my email adress with subject "Contest entry". Include short description of your manicure. If you have a blog, you can send the link to it too. 
- The winner will be chosen with voting from 1. 5.- 7.5. For the best manicure will vote my visible followers in comments under post, where all manicures will be published. One person, one vote. I'll wrote more in upcoming post with all manicures.
- Please, don't publish your entry on your blog, until it's not publihes on my blog.

This is my first contest, so I hope, I didn't forget something. If you have any questions, write it in a comment below or send me an email. I hope, you'll decide to take part in this contest. Can't wait to see your manicures.

18 komentarjev

  1. I ja, i ja! :3 Taman su mi malo porasli nokti! ^^

  2. Uh krasne nagrade. :) Bom tudi jaz probala zmozgati svoje možgančke. :)

  3. Predivna nagrada, zeznuta tema! :)))

  4. Odlična nagrada i zanimljiva tema, za sad još nemam ideju ali ako ju smislim možda se i prijavim. ;)

  5. super tudi jaz poskusila :D

  6. Zakon nagrada! Že mozgam. :D

  7. I already have an idea! Will enter as soon as possible ;-)

  8. Super! :D Zdaj pa samo da mi pade ideja na pamet ... :D

  9. Wow, great prize ;) And thanks for this Giveaway! I will try to think of something to submit ;)

  10. super ideja, ako mi nešto pametno padne na pamet prije nego zaboravim, eto i mene ;-D

  11. Girls, I'm glad, you like the idea and prize. I hope, I'll see your creations soon. :)

  12. oh, very nice! and I have a question: signature must be my own name or may be my photo signature "by Suzi" ?

  13. Super izziv, ravnokar poslala svojo sliko :)

  14. I am in the middle of doing my manicure for your contest :)
    If it comes all right, I'll send it today :)

  15. I sent my entry. Please let me know you received it :)