Kiko 349 and A Nail Mail

Today I have for you beautiful bright olive green shade - Kiko 349 (Light Olive Green). I wanted to post swatches yesterday, but stupid Blogger didn't want to upload my photos. I got this polish in a swap with Simona from Light Your Nails back in December. I wore it few times from then, but i just didn't have the chance to show it to you before. This one has a bit watery formula, but nothing one can't handle and application is good. I think I used  2 coats here. 
I have two Kiko polishes and I love them. Too bad, they're not available in our country, my stash of their polishes would grown a lot. If you have a chance to try these polishes, don't hesisate, you won't regret. Wau, it looks like I'm writing a comercial for Kiko polishes, but I'm not. I just love them. :)

Another thing I wanted to share with you, is a nail mail, I got this week from Australia. It was sent to me by Nicole. I got my first moody polishes and also another flakie polish. You can see his beautiful multicolored flakies here (photo was posted on my Twitter, I hope, you can see it). 

BYS Color Change Royal Blue
BYS Color Change Glitter Blue
Australis Speck-tacular
Ulta3 Pacific Fever
Ulta3 Kiwi Kaos