Spring Challenge: Rainbow

It's time for the last task in Spring Challenge. I'm kinda sad, that is over, because it was very fun and interesting challenge and I enjoyed doing it. I'll do a post with all my manicures, so you'll see them in one place.
The last task was rainbow and for this one we had to use at least 4 colors. In the end I used them 8. I though a lot, what to do for this task - gradient, dots, should I use tape ... In the end I decided to draw on each finger a different rainbow. First I used blue polish for sky, then white polish to draw some clouds. In the end I did different designs of rainbow on each nail. I wasn't very satisfied with manicure, but I didn't have time to do another one. Also, I have to change TC, because this one started to make bubbles on nails. 

Polishes, I used for this design:
- Essence You Rock Speed Of Light Blue (as a base)
- Essence B&W Whipe Out (for cluds)
- Rimmel Lively Lilac
- Beauty UK Urban Girl Green
- Beauty Uk Urban Girl Blue
- Claire's 96784
- Orly Old School Orange
- Orly Retro Red

This is a sheduled post, so I'll answer on all your comments, when I'll come home from vacation. Tell me, what you think of this manicure.

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Nail Art Contest Ends Tomorrow

I just want to remind you, that tommorow ends my Nail Art Contest. You still have time till Midnight tomorrow to send your manicure. You can read all the rules here, if you haven't yet. This is a sheduled post, because I'm on vacation, but I'll answer on your emails, when I'll be back home, so I'll confirm, that I received your entry. I hope, you'll decided to take a part in this contest.


Yes, I'm a big lover of green polishes. What do you think, how many polishes is there?

This is a sheduled post, because I'm on vacation. I'll answer on your comments, when I'll come back home.

Spring Challenge: Bugs

It's already time for fourt task in Spring challenge. Just another one and then we're done. The time passes by so fast. Todays theme are Bugs. I actually didn't have a lot to think, what I'm going to do, because I already did a bee and a ladybug. I didn't want to repeat myself, so I did a butterfly. I saw this design on many blogs and I loved it. I wanted to try it and now I finally got a stimulation to do it. The color combination, I used, is pink and orange, the only one that left. I do like this color combination, although I'm not very satisfied with final result, because I used a brush, that made too thicker lines. If they would be thinner, the design would probably look better.

Polishes, I used for this manicure:
- Essence BBC Orange Sunset
- Jesse's Girl Cupcake Frosting
- Vollare 136
- Essence Nail Art Stamp Me! White

It looks like I did some bad cleaning on my index finger. Ignore that.

And one photo in shadow with moms beautiful flowers. They are called "mačehe" in slovenian. I think they're called "pansy" in english.

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Review and Swatches: Essence Rebels TE

Today I have for you swatches and review of my purchase from Essence Rebels TE. I got cream blush in Peach Punk, lipgloss in Mauve Like a Rockstar, mascara and nail polish Rebelizer

Peach Punk is a cream blush for lips and cheeks in vivid peachy color. The texture is creamy, but I bit harder to blend with brush than fingers. That's why I prefer to use smaller amount of product and layer it on my cheeks. It's also nice for lips, cuz it doesn't dry them, but it's not pigmented enough, so I had to use three coats to make it look opaque on my lips. But my lips are pretty dry at the moment and it looks horibble on me, so I'll rather use it as a blush. It also lasted long on my cheeks. After few hours of wearing it there was still nice peachy glow there. The lid contains 7 g of product and it costs 2,59 €.

Mauve Like a Rockstar is a soft matte lipgloss. I love this product. Although is matte, it doesn't dry lips, it's very pigmented and it last pretty long on lips. I would probably choose another color, if there would be more of them, because I look a bit ill with this one, when I wear it, but I love the concept of this lipgloss. You get 7 ml of product for 1,89 €.

I also decided to tested a mascara from this trend edition. What Essence says about it:"Mascara for the ultimate spiderlash look. Use step 1 for volume and step 2 as a top coat for structure and curve." This mascara costs 2,89 €.

I made swatches for you, how my bare eye looks, then how it looks after step 1 and after step 2. In step 1 I used only 1 coat of mascara. This one doesn't gave a lot of volume, even when you use two coats. After step 1 we still can talk about spider look, but after step 2 not anymore. Only thing you do with it is stick you lashes together. Step 2 also doesn't curve you lashes, as Essence promises. I'm just going to continue using Essence I Love Extreme mascara, which is great to me.

Rebelizer is a lime green shimmery shade, that drys in satin finish. Essence says that this is latex look. Application was good, here I used 2 coats.

What do you think about this collection? Did you or will you get anything from it?

Tutorial: Cherry

Today I have another tutorial for you. I asked you, if you want to see a tutorial for manicure, I made for Spring challenge for task Fruit and dots and most of you said yes, so here it is. The list of all polishes, used for this tutorial, you can find in my post for this challenge here.

Step 1: Apply a polish of your choise. I decided to use a yellow polish.
Step 2: Take a polish in other color and drop some drops on a paper. Then use a sponge and sponge polish on a half of your nail. Here I decided to use a green shade. For step 1 and 2 you can use other colors too, but it's better if they are bright.
Step 3: Use a red polish and a dotting tool or better a brush with wider handle and make two dots on your nail. 
Step 4: Use a white polish and a dotting tool and make two dots inside red dots. They'll represent a reflection.
Step 5: Take a brush and a green polish or green nail art polish and draw two lines.
Step 6: Use the same green polish and draw a leaf.
Step 7: Wait for few minutes for manicure to dry and then use your favourite top coat to protect your nail art. 

And you have your cherry manicure on. :)

I hope you like this tutorial and that's understandable. I'll try to do them more in the future.

Swatches and Review: Catrice Revoltaire LE

Today I have for you swatches and review of my purchase from Catrice Revoltaire limited edition collection. I got only one eyeshadow palette in Toxic Combination, lipstick Colour Bomb and nail polish Innocent Toxin. I love packaging, the pattern is so cute on lipstick and nail polish and the packaging of eyeshadow palette it's just gorgeous.

Toxic Combination is an eyeshadow palette with two green shimmery eyeshadows (acid green, dark olive green), one bright grey eyeshadow and a dark grey cake eyeliner. It has a mirror, which I didn't photograph, and a duo applicator. I usually don't use those applicators, that came with palettes, so I can't say much about it.
The formula of eyeshadows is very soft, they're very easy to apply. I tested them on my lids and they did a great job - they didn't crease and didn't fade after few hours. Also the pigmentation is good. I made swatches without eyeshadow base. I'm very satisfied with this palette. It costs 5,19 €. I specially like acid green color, it's perfect for spring and it made my eyes very noticeable. 

In this collection there were 3 lipsticks, but I decided to try only this one, because others two I probably wouldn't wear. Colour Bomb is a coral lipstick. This is the first Catrice lipstick I tried and I love it. Formula, pigmentation, application - everything is great. But because it has matt finish, it does drys a lips after time a bit. I really like how it looks on me. It costs 4,19 €.

Innocent Toxin is an acid green shimmery shade, although shimmer isn't that visible on nails. I love Catrice brush, application is so easy with it. This shade is very close to ACid/DC. I'll made a comparison between them and some other brands. Here I used 2 coats.

What do you think about this collection? Did you get anything from it?

EDIT: Aurora asked for MU look with this palette and here it is. First I didn't want to publish it, cuz the photos are not the best, but I probably won't have time to do and publish another one for some time, so I'll show you this one anyway. And, please, ignore my eyebrows. I didn't fill them, cuz I only did eye MU for testing palette. Eyeshadow are all from this palette, eyeliner is the Essence Circus Circus glitter eyeliner and mascara is Essence I Love Extreme.

I hope, Aurora, that you like this look, although it's very simple. :D

Spring Challenge: Fruit and Dots

It's time for third task in Spring challenge. This time the theme is Fruit and dots. When I first heared for this challenge, I knew I'm going to do cherrys, because they're my favourite spring fruit. I decided to use green and yellow color combination. In cherry are both tasks united - fruit and dots.
When I was doing this manicure yesterday, I have been throught all weather circumstances, I think. When I started doing this manicure, it was cloudy with some sun beam, then it started to thunder, then raining like cats and dogs and when I finished it, it was sunny like there would never be a rain. It was very interesting. In the end I take advantage of the sun and made some photos of my nail art. I'm very satisfied with it, it looks even better than I imagined it in my head.

Polishes, I used:
- Essence Fruity One Kiwi A Day
- Claire's 96784 (yellow)
- Essence So Glamourous
- Essence B&W White Hype
- Essence A Walk In The Park

I hope, you like it. I also made some photos during creating this nail art. Would you like to see a tutorial?

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Tutorial: Flower

Today I have for you a quick tutorial, how a did a flower for a second task in a Spring challenge. I haven't do a tutorial for a very long time. It's very easy and quick tutorial. I'm very bad in describing, so I hope, you'll understand my tutorial. But the photos can speak for themselfs, I think they're very understandable. Here I used the same polishes as I did for the challenge.

Step 1: Apply a polish of your choise to make it as a base for nail art.
Step 2: Then use a yellow polish and make a dot in the middle of nail or anywere else, depends where you want to draw a flower.
Step 3: Choose a nail polish, that you want to draw a flower with and drop few drops on paper. Take a brush and draw flower around yellow dot. You can also use a nail art nail polishes, if you have them.
Step 4: Take a black polish or any other polish, if you like, and go around flower with it. The procedure is the same as by step 4, you can drop few drops on paper and use nail art brush or you can use nail art polish.
Step 5: Take a brighter polish in same color as you use it for a flower and sponge it in the middle of the flower. That will gave a flower a fading effect. For the challenge I also draw two black dots in the middle of the flower, but this is an optional step.
Step 6: Wait few minutes, that design will be dry and the use a top coat to protect you nail art.

And, voila, your manicure is done. :)

Review and Swatches: Essence Fruity TE Nail Polishes

Today I have for you swatches from Essence Fruity TE collection. I found a whole display, but because I was in a hurry, I took only nail polishes. I got all of them, but I decided to give Mashed Berries in prize for my nail art contest. I'm not a big pink lover, as you know. 
I also decided to try scented top coat. It's called Smells like strawberry... It's not bad, it contains shimmer and it smells pleasant, cuz the smell isn't very strong, but I got so use to fast drying top coat, that this one drys to long for me. And the other thing is, that it ruins nail art, so I'll probably use it rarely.
These polishes don't have names on bottles, so I had to search for promo photos to know, what their names are.

01 Banana Joe is a bright yellow shimmery shade. I expected a pastel yellow, so I was surprised, when I noticed, that it has shimmer in it. The application was easy. It's very sheer, I had to use three coats to make it opaque and as you can see, the nail line is still visible. But I do like, how it looks on my nails and I think it's perfect yellow shade for spring, specially for those ones, who like bright colors. It's also a perfect base for stamping or a nail art.

02 Peach Beauty is a peachy cream shade. This one is also a bit more sheer. For this swatch I used two thick coats. If I would use thin coats, I would probably need three. This is another great shade for spring. 

03 Very Cherry is a reddish pink shade with purple glitter. I really like the concept of this polish, although it remind me more on strawberries because of the glitter. I already wore this one as a whole manicure, but it chipped after one day, so this isn't a big plus for it. For this swatch I used two coats.

04 One Kiwi A Day is a bright green shade with dark green glitter. This one is my favourite from whole collection. It's a very unique polish in my stash. And a big plus is, that's very easy to remove, although it has glitter in it (the same with Very Cherry). I love when I don't need to use a foil for glitter. One Kiwi A Day and Very Cherry have a great application, they apply like butter. For this swatch I used two coats. 

 What do you think about this Essence trend edition? Did you get anything from it?

Spring Challenge: Flowers and Stripes

It's time for the second manicure in Spring challenge and this time the theme is Flowers and stripes. For this manicure I decided to use blue and purple color combination.

I decided to use purple as a base and blue for flowers. Because the theme were also stripes, I did on my index finger and pinkie a half of flower and a half of stripes. I was actually pretty satisfied with this manicure, until I didn't applied top coat. It didn't came out perfect, but it looked very good. After I applied top coat, I smudged everything, alhough I waited 30 min before applying it. Luckily in RL that isn't that visible as it is on photos. 

Polishes, I used:
- Rimmel Lively Lilac
- Astor 70
- Power nagellack 02
- Essence Sundancer

What do you think, girls? Do you like my manicure for second task?

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Review and Swatches: IsaDora set (lipstick, gloss, nail polish)

I usually don't buy Isadora cosmetics, because it's pretty expensive by us, so I had to used this opportunity and buy Isadora set with jelly lipstick, jelly gloss and nail polish for 9,89 €. This is a great deal, if you ask me. There were sets with different nail polishes and I was thinking a lot, which nail polish should I get, but in the end I decided for bright green one. In my set were a lipstick Coral Punch, a lipgloss Water Melon and a nail polish Bonbon Mint.

My first impression with lipstick and lipgloss is great. Both have great texture.

72 Water Melon - is a jelly red gloss, that is translucent on lips and don't give them red color, only a lot of shine. I adore this gloss. I love, that it mousturizes my lips and it doesn't stick them together, as some others lipglosses do. The brush is great, it makes application very easy. It's also perfect for layering over some lipstick, because it gaves lips a great shine. 

57 Coral Punch - is a pink jelly lipstick, that's sheer and shiny on lips. It's not real an opaque lipstick, it's more a combination between a gloss and a lipstick. If you are more a person, that likes only a bit of colored touch on lips, this is a great lipstick for you. The packaging is also great, it has a magnet, which makes sure, that the tube is good closed. The only thing that bothers me, is the smell. It has strange sweet smell, that is very unpleasant to me.

Swathes of both on lips:

Bonbon Mint is first Isadora polish, that I've tried. They cost around 9 € by us (I don't know exact price), but that's a lot for 6 ml of nail polish. This polish has wide brush, which I like, because it makes application more easy, at least to me.

Bonbon Mint is a bright green shade with silver shimmer, that looks amazing on nails. I was just staring at my nails, when I first applied it. It looked so much better, than I expected. Here I used 2 coats.

What do you think about these products? Do you have any Isadora product? Do you like them?