Swap With Nina From Women's Temptation

Some time ago I contacted Nina from Women's Temptation, if she is willing to do a swap with me, because I wanted to get some Catherine Arley holos. She lives in Bulgaria and she has access to them. She said yes and on Friday my package arrived. I was so happy, when I came gome from Ljubljana and found package on my bed. I opened it immediately and these beauties were in. They look so beautiful in RL. She also send me one extra (923) and a chocolate, but I ate it before I took a photo and it was very jummy.

Catherine Arley 668
Catherine Arley 676
Catherine Arley 667
Catherne Arley 673
Catherine Arley 800
Catherine Arley 923 (not holo)

I'm so excited to try all these, but I'll probably show them on my blog in the summer, when the sun will be strong and their holo effect will express more.