Monthly Hauls - Februar

I saw, that a lot of bloggers are publishing their monthly buys and I decided to do the same. The point of this posts won't be to copy them, but for me to have a better overview on my buys and swaps. Telling the truth, I have no idea, how many polishes do a buy on month and how much do I spend for them. With this posts I'll have a better overview, how much did I buy in certain month. I'll also included gifts, swaps ... I also started to do a list on paper, where I write down all the polishes, I bought for myself, I got in a swap and also those, I bought for a swap. I hope, that will help, that I'll buy little less polishes and try to lower the number of my untrieds.

Essence Iced Eyes Baby
Essence Colourbration
Essence Glitterastic
Essence Confetteria
Essence Candyction

Catrice ACidDC
Catrice Put Lavender On Agenda
Catrice Heavy Metallics
Catrice Kings Of Greens
Catrice Genius In The Bottle

Essence A Walk In The Park
Essence Midnight Date
Essence Boys Are Back In Town
Essence A Lovely Secret
Essence Gold Fever
Essence Spell Bound

Misslyn Blue Planet
Orly Royal Velvet
Orly Nite Owl
Orly Sweet Peacock

Kinetics Dazzle
Kinetics Top of the Wave
O.P.I DS Treasure
O.P.I Take the Stage

Polishes, I received in a swap with Amber.