Day 5 Apology and Iced Eyes Baby

Today is Day 5 of our Black&White Nail Challenge, which theme is color base with something black. Can you imagine, that I had the most problems with this maniure until now? First I wanted to do some konad, but it was totally fail, so I removed it. Then I did some nail art. I wasn't the most satisfied, but also wasn't in the mood and didn't have time for another manicure, so I took photos of it. And then another problem. I did this on Sunday, because I didn't knew, if I'll have time this week. I took my camera with me in Ljubljana, so I will be able to publish it, but I forgot cable at home, so I wasn't able to transfer photos on my computer. I'm so angry at myself because of that. I'm s forgetful lately. But I promise, I'll show you day 5 and day 6 manicures together on Friday, when I'll come home. 

But today I do have one polish for you. It's Iced Eyes Baby from Essence Crystalliced TE collection. This was the only polish from this collection, that interested me. It's beautiful pastel blue with shimmer. Application was ok, but I needed three coats to make it look even. I think it's very beautiful and I love wearing it. Do you have it? What do you think about it?

And in the end I have one request for you. I decided to join theBalm Spring contests on Facebook. The prize is 10 Hit Ticket polishes. I would be very grateful, if you would go on their page and click "like" under my photo. You can find it here: My photo. Thank you very much for all your votes. :)