Day 5 And Day 6 Together

As promised today I have two manicures for Black&White nail challenge, but this post will ne quick, because I have a headache and I need to go to sleep.

Day 5: Color Base With Black
First I wanted to do some konad, but I totally failed, so I did some nail art. I didn't have any special attention, I just draw something on my nails and that came out. As a base I used Catherine Arley 668. Black polishes are Barry M Crackle nail polish, Vollare 126 and Essence Black&White Black Out.

Day 6: Color Base With White
And this is manicure for today's challenge. I really don't have a lot of ideas lately, so I did some random dots.  As a base I used Sparitual Dreams Becoming Reality adn I draw dots with Essence Black&White White Hype.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:

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