Swap With Amber

Few weeks ago Ivana was asking on Twitter, if someone is willing do to a swap with a girl, that wants Essence Nail Art Twins polishes, before they'll be discontinued, because she can't and I said yes. After that Amber contact me and we arrange evertyhing about our swap. So, first I have to thank to Ivana, because she's also one of the reasons, I got all these polishes. Thanks, Ivana. :*

I've sent Amber the list of polishes, I wanted badly and she managed to get me almost all of them. Instead od two Orlys, that she couldn't find, she got me two Hard Candy polishes and these are my first Hard Candy polishes. You can imagine, how excited I was today, when I received a package. I unwraped it immediately and I was like a little baby, that receives a new toy, when I saw all these beauties in front of me. Thank you, Amber. I'm really happy I did a swap with you. :)

Orly Fowl Play
Orly It's Not Rocket Science
Orly Here comes Trouble

Hard Candy Beetle
Hard Candy Splendid
Milani Jewel FX Gold

China Glaze:
Gaga For Green
Electric Beat
Westside Warrior

They also did some posing in snow. :D I couldn't decided, which one to use first, so I did a skittle manicure with all of them (I applied Milani Gold over Hard Candy Splendid). Guess what, I still don't know, which one to use first, because they're all so gorgeous. I asked my BF, which one he likes the most and he said Fowl Play, so maybe that will be my next manicure.

Do you like mine new beauties, I got in a swap? What do you think, which one should I use first?