Nail Mail (Essence and Orly)

Hello, my der readers? How are you? Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I'm studying for two exams at the moment and I'm not really in the mood for writing posts. But I have prepared a lot of material, so expect to hear more from me after my exams. :)

Today I wanted to show you, what I've got in nail mail this week. First let me show you a package, that Anna has sent me. She has got for me 4 polishes from Essence Crazy Good Times LE, that I couldn't find here. That was so sweet from here, because I really wanted these polishes. Thank you, Anna. :):*

I had to swatch them on fake nail immediately. Formula of these polishes isn't the best, some will need a thinner, but look at these gorgeous colors. I'm so happy, that they're finally mine.

ZaPikoNaI had every day 50% off on certain product and last weekend they lowered price for Orly mini nail polishes. I bought three: Royal Velvet, Sweet Peacock and Nite Owl.

I'll swatch everything after my exams, although the weather isn't the most beautiful by us. It's snowing like crazy. I don't like snow. I hope, spring will be soon here. 

How do you like my new beauties?