Guest Blog: Beauty is an Attitude, But It Sometimes Needs a Little Help to Show

Today something different on my blog. Some time ago Jackie contacted me, because she wanted to wrote an article about cancer on my blog. I immediately said yes, because cancer was present in my family too and I think this is a topic, that should be talked about. Thank you, Jackie, for this article. I hope, all my readers will read it.

Beauty is an Attitude, But It Sometimes Needs a Little Help to Show
By: Jackie Clark

All women need to feel beautiful, especially those who have had to see themselves without a wig during the worst of chemo. But surely you have seen photos of stars without makeup? No one looks their best without a little help, not even people whose business it is to look beautiful, and get paid for it!

So it does not matter what the doctors may have said, whether it's mesothelioma or some other cancer. It does not matter how they harp on the prognosis as if that is the only thing that matters for a cancer patient. It's not. Living is what matters, not merely surviving. And one way to feel more alive is to sometimes feel divinely beautiful, never mind that while battling cancer people sometimes need a lot more than just a little help in that regard.

Here is one possible indulgence: A good manicure that makes your nails looking fancy. When the hair and skin are just not cooperating and one is too sick to deal with make up, at least their nails can look divine. Painting ones nails can be the most simplistic way to feel better. It doesn’t take much time and with the endless amount of color options you can really paint your mood right away. If you are feeling black and down on the inside pick a vibrant pink to change that somber feeling into exuberance that you will shine through to the outside. Let you nails showcase the beautiful person you are. You might not be able to control fate, but you can pick what color to put on your nails.

A female cancer patient is still a woman, even if she might be missing some of her girl parts because of her battle with breast cancer. Now more than ever she needs to affirm her femininity and that she is not only a beautiful soul and triumphant warriors in the battle against cancer, but also still a woman and a beautiful one at that. If she needs a little help feeling like a woman and beautiful, she can match her shirt to her manicure or hit the spa up for a relaxing spa mani/pedi. It really doesn’t have to take much to feel more lovely and alive.

So once her mind is made up -- that she is still a woman and still deserves to be beautiful -- her nails can be too. Sometimes, she may even manage to make up her face. However made up she manages to be, she is still all woman and still a beautiful soul. Attitude is everything but it sometimes needs a little help to be seen by the rest of the world, so they know how she feels about herself. She should not hesitate to get a little help for herself so the world can see that she is, in fact, still a woman and still beautiful, cancer or no cancer.

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  1. Beautiful post. It is so sad how rampant cancer is in society. It is true that even the smallest things (like a cup of tea, a good book, a hug, and painting ones nails) can really change your outlook for the day. :) Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Imaš nagradice kod mene ;))

  3. Love it!♥ This article is so beautiful, thank you for sharing! :)