Alessandro Queen Berry

Magnetics polishes are very popular at the moment and I remembered, I have too some of them in my stash. I decided to paint my nails with Alessandro Queen Berry. It was part of Go Magic! Twist collection in 2010. I bought this polish because of a great magnet. This is actually the most expensive polish, I own. I payed 13 € for it (I never buy so expensive polishes, but I really wanted a magnet, it's so strong). I remember, I had some application problems and I couldn't get nice pattern, when I used it first, so after painting two nails I just gave up. And then it was standing in my stash for over a year, before I decided to try it again. This time I didn't have any problems with it, the application was great and I also did a nice pattern. Maybe I just needed more patience and application practise. I love this polish, now I'll definitely use it more. 

First two photos are without TC.

And here is with TC. It looks beautiful so shiny. 

What do you think?