Black&White Nail Challenge

Mateja wrote me last week and asked me, if I want to join to Black&White Nail Challenge. First I wasn't sure, but then I decided I want to participate. Challenge is organized by Mateja from Purple Glitters and Dolores from Colorful Bottle's Blog. We'll start tommorow and then we'll publish manicure every third day. Now I'm so excited about this challenge. Lately I wasn't very inspired for nail art, that's why I'm hopping, that my nail art inspiration will come back with this challenge.

Here are the girls, that are participating in this challenge:
- Purple Glitters
- Colorful Bottle's Blog
- Biba's Beauty Corner
- Taya
- Nail crazy
- Mateji ustvarjata
- My Nail Graffiti
- Colores de Carol
- Emerald Sparkled
- Wacky Laki 
If you want to participate, you still have time. Contact Mateja from Purple Glitters for more info. Her email is mateja(dot)kosic(at)gmail(dot)com.

Essence Red-y To Go

Today I have for you Essence Red-y To Go, a gorgeous red shimmery shade, dicontinued unfortunately. In the bottle it looks like it had a golden shimmer too and it will look duochrome on nails, but golden hue is not that visible on nails. But it's gorgeous and I don't know, why it tooks so much time, before I put it on my nails. I used two coats.

For my Slovenian readers: Today I noticed, that Müller on Čopova already has new Essence assortiment, so if you're interested in any new shades, you can stop by. ;)

Updated swap list

Hello, my dear readers. I just wanted to let you know, that I updated my swap list. I was cleaning my stash again and I decided to give some polishes away, because I have a lot of dupes and I don't need them so many.

More informations you can find here on page Swap. If some shade interests you, send me email on

Sasatinnie FCGL002

Today I have for you very interesting polish, that I received in a swap with Nicole. It's Sasatinnie FCGL002, a shade with red-brown base, green flakies and silver and golden glitter. It's very interesting and unique shade, although it has strange name with numbers. Here I used 3 thin coats. I have to say, I love this polish. What do you think about it?

Quick Comparison: Kinetics Magnificent vs. Essence Gold Old Buffy

Today just a quick comparion post. In post about Kinetics Magnificent I mentioned, that it reminds me on Essence Gold Old Buffy. I compared them and they do look very similar, but they're not 100 % dupes. They both have dark olive/black base with golden shimmer, although Essence has bigger shimmer, I would say more glitter. They're both easy to apply and are opaque in two coats. 
I can't decide, which one I prefer. Essence was part of Vampire's Love TE, so it's not available anymore. Kinetics is available in Slovenia in Beauty World drugstores (at least in Murska Sobota, I don't know, how is with BW stores in other places). What do you think? Which one do you like the most? Are they close enough for you to have only one of them?

I also updated my iSwap list. I was reoganizing my stash again, because I was doing a list of all polishes, I own, and I decided to give some dupes away. You can find the list here. I don't have photos of the bottles, but if you're not sure, how the polish looks, you can find swatches on my blog or on other blogs. :)

It's time for some awards

Some girls were very kind to me lately and they nominated me for some awards. Some of them I already received and wrote a post about them, but I'm going to mention them anyway.

Nina nominated me for Cute Blog Award. Thank you, Nina. I already wrote a post about it here

Then Nina also gave me Vertasile Blog Award. Thank you. I already wrote a post here.

Zebra-nails nominated me for Butterfly award. Thank you, girl. 

The rules are:
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you.
2. Answer the following questions.
3. Award to other bloggers and let them know.

The questions:
What's your favourite song?
I don't have it.
What's your favourite dessert?
Ice cream.
Who's your favorite pet?
Ris (our dog).
Black or white?
What's your biggest fear?
To stay alone and to have nobody to talk to.
What's your best feature?
What's your everyday attitude?
Life is beautiful, so don't miss it.
What is perfection?
When you are what you are and you don't change only, because the other say so. I really don't care, what the other people say. The most important for me is, that I'm satisfied with myself, not the others.
What is your Guilty pleasure?
Nail polishes. :D

Next, zebra-nails and Nina also nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award.

The first is One Lovely Blog Award, and the rules are:
1. Link back to the person you got it from
2. Tell seven things about yourself
3. Give the award to ten bloggers

 I already told you 7 facts about me here.

Mateja and Aurora nominated me for Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you both. I already wrote a post here

And the last one is a blog tag. Zebra-nails and Theodora tagged me with 11 Question Tag

Here are the rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this'. You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

I already wrote a lot of facts about me, so I'm going to miss out the first step. I'm going to answer on Zebra-nails and Theodora questions. 

First Zebra-nails questions: 
1. What is your favourite basecoat and topcoat?
My favourite base coat is Essence Nail Art Protecting base coat. I still haven't found the perfect top coat, so I don't have favourite one.                          
2. What is your all-time favourite nail polish?
I can't decide for my all-time favourite, because I like so many of them in my stash. Also, my taste is changing and sometimes I like more one color and after few months the other, but I don't have favourite polish, that I would always reach for him, when I wouldn't know, what to apply on my nails.
3. What nail polish was your biggest disappointment?
First polish, that dissapointed me, was from Manhattan (I don't remember which shade, because I don't have it anymore). It was frost and it bubbled like crazy. I so regret buying it.
4. How many nail polishes do you own?
I have no idea, I'm afraid to count them. But I was reorganizing my stash again and I'm going to give some away, so the number will be smaller. :)
5. How many of them are still "untrieds"?
A lot. Probably 1/4 of them. I'm not sure.
6. Do you have backups?
7. How many?
Only for one polish - Essence Glisten Up! I don't need bacups, because I probaly won't use any bottle till end. Let's face it, I have so many of them.
8. What is your favourite nail polish color?
At the moment green and blue.
9. What is your favourite nail polish finish?
Cream. I also love shimmers, but I prefer creams.
10. What was your first nail polish ever? (if you remember)
I have no idea, but I was using mom's nail polishes, when I was a little girl. I think the first polish I bought, was Essence Fabuless (there were times, when I was obsessed with black nail polish, I have no idea, whay).
11. What nail polish is on the top of your wishlist?
Actually on the top of my WL is the whole Hits No Olimpo collection. I looove those holos.

Now Theodora's questions:
1. What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails ?
My other hobby is reading. I'm a book mole, althoug I read less for my sould because of my studies, than I did before.
2. What is your favorite nail polish color ?
Green and blue.
3. What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession ?
I started my nail polish addiction, after I found Rainbows and Blues blog two years ago. I found their blog in time, when I started buying more nail polishes and because of them I found more nail polish related blogs. Then I decided to write my own blog and my nail polish obssesion got very big.
4. What nail polish trend do you love/hate ?
I don't know, if I hate any, but I love holos.
5. Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family ?
Sometimes I paint nails to my mother or my roommate.
6. Where do you buy most of your nail polish ?
I buy most of my polishes in Müller (Essence and Catrice), then in DM and also in Beauty World.
7. Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite ?
I actually prefer free hand nail art - I think I'm better in nail art than stamping.
8. Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish ? :D
9. Where would you like to live ? And why ?
I would like to live somewhere, when is always warm, because I hate winter.
10. What's your best feature ?
11. What's your biggest dream ?
At the moment to finish my studies as soon as posible. 

My Questions:
1. Why and when did you started to write a blog?
2. What was the first nail polish blog, you started to read?
3. Did you or would you ever wear gel nails?
4. How many nail polishes do you have?
5. What is your favourite nail polish brand?
6. What do your frends/family/boyfriend think about your nail polish obssession?
7. How often do you change your nail polish/manicure?
8. What's your favourite color to wear?
9. What's your favourite movie?
10. Which famous person would you like to meet in person the most?
11. What's your dream place to live?

For 11 Tag Questions I tag:
5. Anna
8. Nina

So, this is a long post. I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone. It took me a lot of time to write it. I hope, the girls, I tagged them, will answer the questions, because I'm very curious, what their answers are. :)

Ottie Glam Viridan

Today I have for you a polish, that I received in swap with Nicole. It's Ottie Glam Viridan. This polish is very beautiful. It's green with silver glitter. Application is great. Here I used two coats. What do you think?

Guest Blog: Beauty is an Attitude, But It Sometimes Needs a Little Help to Show

Today something different on my blog. Some time ago Jackie contacted me, because she wanted to wrote an article about cancer on my blog. I immediately said yes, because cancer was present in my family too and I think this is a topic, that should be talked about. Thank you, Jackie, for this article. I hope, all my readers will read it.

Beauty is an Attitude, But It Sometimes Needs a Little Help to Show
By: Jackie Clark

All women need to feel beautiful, especially those who have had to see themselves without a wig during the worst of chemo. But surely you have seen photos of stars without makeup? No one looks their best without a little help, not even people whose business it is to look beautiful, and get paid for it!

So it does not matter what the doctors may have said, whether it's mesothelioma or some other cancer. It does not matter how they harp on the prognosis as if that is the only thing that matters for a cancer patient. It's not. Living is what matters, not merely surviving. And one way to feel more alive is to sometimes feel divinely beautiful, never mind that while battling cancer people sometimes need a lot more than just a little help in that regard.

Here is one possible indulgence: A good manicure that makes your nails looking fancy. When the hair and skin are just not cooperating and one is too sick to deal with make up, at least their nails can look divine. Painting ones nails can be the most simplistic way to feel better. It doesn’t take much time and with the endless amount of color options you can really paint your mood right away. If you are feeling black and down on the inside pick a vibrant pink to change that somber feeling into exuberance that you will shine through to the outside. Let you nails showcase the beautiful person you are. You might not be able to control fate, but you can pick what color to put on your nails.

A female cancer patient is still a woman, even if she might be missing some of her girl parts because of her battle with breast cancer. Now more than ever she needs to affirm her femininity and that she is not only a beautiful soul and triumphant warriors in the battle against cancer, but also still a woman and a beautiful one at that. If she needs a little help feeling like a woman and beautiful, she can match her shirt to her manicure or hit the spa up for a relaxing spa mani/pedi. It really doesn’t have to take much to feel more lovely and alive.

So once her mind is made up -- that she is still a woman and still deserves to be beautiful -- her nails can be too. Sometimes, she may even manage to make up her face. However made up she manages to be, she is still all woman and still a beautiful soul. Attitude is everything but it sometimes needs a little help to be seen by the rest of the world, so they know how she feels about herself. She should not hesitate to get a little help for herself so the world can see that she is, in fact, still a woman and still beautiful, cancer or no cancer.

O.P.I Austin-Tatious Turquoise

Today I have for you O.P.I Austin-Tatious Turquise nail polish. It's very beautiful shade, but it's so sheer. I already showed you, how it looks layered, in this post. I think I'm going to use it more for layering. But I like this polish, because it lasted on my nails for three day without chipping, which is a lot, because on my nails all polishes chip on the second day. I think I used three coats for this swatch.

In the bottle it's noticeable a purple sheen, which isn't visible that much on nails. I was trying to catch it on my camera, I hope you can see it.  It's more visible, if you layer polish over dark shade.

What do you think abbout this polish? Do you have it? Do you like it?

Bourjois 10 Days 23

Today I have for you Bourjois 10 Days 23, a shade that came out in fall. It's khaki green with slightly visible shimmer. The application was quite good, although the brush is strange. Here I used two coats. Do you like it?

Kinetics Magnificent

Today just a quick post, because I'm in a hurry. I have for you Kinetics Magnificent, a beautiful dark olive shade with golden shimmer. It's hard to describe. Maybe the base color is black and is the shimmer the one, that makes it look dark olive green. I'm not sure. Formula of this one is great, it's easy to apply. Here I used two coats. It reminds me a bit on Essence Gold Old Buffy from Vampire's Love TE. I have to do a comparison between them soon. What do you think about this one?

Swap With Amber

Few weeks ago Ivana was asking on Twitter, if someone is willing do to a swap with a girl, that wants Essence Nail Art Twins polishes, before they'll be discontinued, because she can't and I said yes. After that Amber contact me and we arrange evertyhing about our swap. So, first I have to thank to Ivana, because she's also one of the reasons, I got all these polishes. Thanks, Ivana. :*

I've sent Amber the list of polishes, I wanted badly and she managed to get me almost all of them. Instead od two Orlys, that she couldn't find, she got me two Hard Candy polishes and these are my first Hard Candy polishes. You can imagine, how excited I was today, when I received a package. I unwraped it immediately and I was like a little baby, that receives a new toy, when I saw all these beauties in front of me. Thank you, Amber. I'm really happy I did a swap with you. :)

Orly Fowl Play
Orly It's Not Rocket Science
Orly Here comes Trouble

Hard Candy Beetle
Hard Candy Splendid
Milani Jewel FX Gold

China Glaze:
Gaga For Green
Electric Beat
Westside Warrior

They also did some posing in snow. :D I couldn't decided, which one to use first, so I did a skittle manicure with all of them (I applied Milani Gold over Hard Candy Splendid). Guess what, I still don't know, which one to use first, because they're all so gorgeous. I asked my BF, which one he likes the most and he said Fowl Play, so maybe that will be my next manicure.

Do you like mine new beauties, I got in a swap? What do you think, which one should I use first?

Beauty UK Blue

Hello, my dear readers. How did you spend your Valentine's day? Mine was actually pretty bad, because I've spent all day in bed. I woke up ill, I was throwing out and I also had an exam, so you can imagine, how did that went. Not so good. But I want to thank to all of you for your good wishes in comments on previous post. I still don't feel good, so I'm resting in my bed and I decided to write a post.

Today I have for you blue pastel polish from Beauty UK Urban Girls set. It's very nice shade and I used it a lot back in December, when I was doing nail art for Winter Edition posts. The application was a bit tricky and I had to use three coats to even it, but final result is gorgeous. In this set are 6 polishes. I'm going to swatch them all soon and show them to you, because Spring is coming and these are perfect shades for Spring.

Nail Mail (Essence and Orly)

Hello, my der readers? How are you? Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I'm studying for two exams at the moment and I'm not really in the mood for writing posts. But I have prepared a lot of material, so expect to hear more from me after my exams. :)

Today I wanted to show you, what I've got in nail mail this week. First let me show you a package, that Anna has sent me. She has got for me 4 polishes from Essence Crazy Good Times LE, that I couldn't find here. That was so sweet from here, because I really wanted these polishes. Thank you, Anna. :):*

I had to swatch them on fake nail immediately. Formula of these polishes isn't the best, some will need a thinner, but look at these gorgeous colors. I'm so happy, that they're finally mine.

ZaPikoNaI had every day 50% off on certain product and last weekend they lowered price for Orly mini nail polishes. I bought three: Royal Velvet, Sweet Peacock and Nite Owl.

I'll swatch everything after my exams, although the weather isn't the most beautiful by us. It's snowing like crazy. I don't like snow. I hope, spring will be soon here. 

How do you like my new beauties?

Alessandro Precius Treasure

Today just a quick post to show you this Alessandro beauty, called Precious Treasure. It was part of their winter limited edition collection Glam session. It's dark blue shade with golden and green glitter. Application was good. Here I used 2 coats.

Now back to studying.

Alessandro Queen Berry

Magnetics polishes are very popular at the moment and I remembered, I have too some of them in my stash. I decided to paint my nails with Alessandro Queen Berry. It was part of Go Magic! Twist collection in 2010. I bought this polish because of a great magnet. This is actually the most expensive polish, I own. I payed 13 € for it (I never buy so expensive polishes, but I really wanted a magnet, it's so strong). I remember, I had some application problems and I couldn't get nice pattern, when I used it first, so after painting two nails I just gave up. And then it was standing in my stash for over a year, before I decided to try it again. This time I didn't have any problems with it, the application was great and I also did a nice pattern. Maybe I just needed more patience and application practise. I love this polish, now I'll definitely use it more. 

First two photos are without TC.

And here is with TC. It looks beautiful so shiny. 

What do you think?

China Glaze Blue Year's Eve

Today just a quick post, because I'm pretty tired from studying, but I wanted to show you another China Glaze polishes, that I've got in a swap with Carolina. It's Blue Year's Eve, a dark blue shimmery shade. It's so pretty. Application was great. Here I used three thin coats.

China Glaze Techno Teal

Today I have something gorgeous for you. It's a holo nail polish from China Glaze, called Techno Teal. Holo effect isn't that strong, it was more visible in RL than on photos and also winter sun doesn't do him justice. You'll probably see it again on my blog in summer. :) But I don't care, that holo effect isn't strong, this color is beautiful by itself. I have to thank Carolina for this one, she send it to me in our swap.
Techno Teal was part of China Glaze Tronica collection. The pigmentation is great, one thick coat would be enough, but I always rather use two. It's a habit. I love China Glaze polishes, formula, application, everything is great. Can't wait for summer to come, so I'll ware this beauty more.

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you have it?