Yellow Nails

Today it's such a grey day. It's raining outside and I'm not in the mood for anything, not even for studying. That's why I'm showing you something bright today. This was a first manicure on my short nails. The nail on my index finger broke and I had to shorten them all down. Then I decided to paint my nails in bright color, because I think bright looks great on short nails. First I used 3 coats of Claire's 96784 (these polishes don't have names, only these long numbers, meh), a pastel yellow shade. Then I applied 1 coat of NYX Girls Gilded Glitter, a polish with clear base and golden glitter and flakies.

When I was wearing this manicure, was outside such a grey ans rainy day like today, but this manicure made me feel better. Do you also wear bright colors, when is bad weather outside? Do bright colors make you feel better?